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Success Is All in the Mind
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: The Workplace

1.1  Cubicle, Sweet Cubicle
      by S. Alexander Haslam & Craig Knight

Section 2: Innovation & Creativity

2.1  Your Fertile Brain at Work
      by Evangelia G. Chrysikou

2.2  Creativity Is Collective
      by S. Alexander Haslam, Inmaculada Adarves-Yourno & Tom Postmes

2.3  The Unleashed Mind
        by Shelly Carson

Section 3: Personality & Attitude

3.1  When Nice Guys Finish First
       by Daisy Grewal

3.2  I’ll Do It Tomorrow
       by Trisha Gura

3.3  Prodding Our Inner Sloth
       by Sandra Upson

3.4  Why We Cheat
       by Ferric C. Fang & Arturo Casadevall

Section 4: Leadership & Success

4.1  How to be a better boss
       by Sunny Sea Gold

4.2  How to be a better negotiator
       by Sunny Sea Gold

4.3  In Search of Charisma
       by S. Alexander Haslam & Stephen D. Reicher

4.4  The New Psychology of Leadership
       by Stephen D. Reicher, S. Alexander Haslam & Michael Platow

4.5  The Social Psychology of Success
       by S. Alexander Haslam, Jessica Salvatore, Thomas Kessler & Stephen D. Reicher

4.6  The Science of Team Success
       by Steve W. J. Kozlowski & Daniel R. Ilgen

SECTION 5: Balancing Work & Life

5.1  Creeping Connectivity: Work and Life in a Hyper Connected World
       by Krystal D’Costa

5.2  Why Do We Need so Many Meetings?
       by Krystal D’Costa

5.3  Conquering Burnout
       by Michael P. Leiter & Christina Maslach

5.4  Vacation Fade-out: Back to Work with a Thud
       by Hilda Bastian

5.5  For Couples, Success at Work is Affected by Partner’s Personality
       by Cindy May

SECTION 6: Diversity

6.1  How Diversity Works
       by Katherine W. Phillips

6.2  Age at Work
       by Michael Falenstein & Sascha Sommer

6.3  Lean In to Be Stretched Thin?
       by Francesca Gino & Alison Wood Brooks

6.4  Inviting Everyone In
       by Victoria Plaut

SECTION 7: Employer/Employee Relationship

7.1  The Perfect Hire
       by Tomas Chamorrow-Premuzic & Christopher Steinmetz

7.2  Should You Tell Your Boss about a Mental Illness?
       by Roni Jacobson

7.3  Picture Imperfect
       by David Dunning, Chip Heath & Jerry M. Suls

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