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The Secret Lives of Animals
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1: The Wild Things They Do

1.1   The Spider’s Charade
        by Ximena Nelson

1.2   The Evolution of Architecture
        by Rob Dunn

1.3   The Prolific Afterlife of Whales
        by Crispin T.S. Little

1.4   Good with Faces
        by Elizabeth A. Tibbetts & Adrian G. Dyer

1.5   Bisexual Species
        by Emily V. Driscoll

1.6   Zombie Neuroscience
        by Christie Wilcox

Section 2: Their Surprising Minds

2.1   The Social Genius of Animals
        by Katherine Harmon Courage

2.2   Brainy Bird
        by Carolynne “K-lynn” L. Smith & Sarah L. Zielinski

2.3   The World According to Dogs
        by Julie Hecht

2.4   When Animals Mourn
        by Barbara J. King

2.5   Do Animals Know Where Babies Come From
        by Holly Dunsworth

Section 3: The Strangest of Them All

3.1   Giants of the Sky
        by Daniel T. Ksepka & Michael Habib

3.2   The Nose Takes a Starring Role
        by Kenneth C. Catania

3.3   Extreme Evolution
        by Axel Meyer

3.4   Species in the Making
        by Rüdiger Riesch

3.5   Rise of the Tyrannosaurs
        by Stephen Brusatte

3.6   Swimmers under Pressure
        by Josh Fischman

3.7   Big Hummer
        by Steve Mirsky

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