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Have You Ever Wondered…
by Geoffrey Giller

SECTION 1: Evolution: Being Human

1.1    Is the Human Race Evolving or Devolving?  
         by Michael J. Dougherty

1.2    Why Are We Getting Taller as a Species?     
         by Michael J. Dougherty

1.3    How Are Traits Passed on Through DNA?  
         by Stuart E. Ravnik

1.4    Why Are More People Right-Handed than Left-Handed?    
         by M.K. Holder

1.5    What Is the Latest Theory on Why Humans Lost their Body Hair?
         by Mark Pagel

1.6    Is There a Consensus on Whether Personality Traits Are Inherited or Result from Environmental Influences?     
         by Paul Grobstein

1.7    How Closely Related Are Humans to Apes? How Do Scientists Measure Evolutionary History?
         by Bernhard Haubold

1.8    Is our Tendency to Experience Fear and Anxiety Genetic?  
         by William R. Clark

1.9    How Did Smiling Become a Friendly Gesture in Humans?   
         by Anthony Stocks

1.10  Does Revenge Serve an Evolutionary Purpose?        
         by Michael McCullough and Katherine Harmon Courage

1.11  What Is the Function of the Human Appendix?       
         by Loren G. Martin

1.12  Why Do People Have Different Blood Types?        
         by Harvey G. Klein

1.13  If Mutations Occur at Random, How Does an Organ as Complex as an Eye Develop?
         by Jon Seger


SECTION 2: Biology: Quirks of our Bodies       

2.1    Why Do Muscles Tremble after Strenuous Exercise?           
         by Loren G. Martin

2.2    What Causes Leg Cramps?    
         by Mark A.W. Andrews

2.3    Why Do Fingers Wrinkle in the Bath?          
         by Laurence Meyer

2.4    Why Do Bags Form below our Eyes?           
         by Rhoda S. Narins

2.5    Are our Fingerprints Similar to Those of our Parents?         
         by Glenn Langenburg

2.6    What Causes Hiccups?          
         by William A. Whitelaw

2.7    Why Do People Snore?         
         by Lynn A. D'Andrea

2.8    Why Does Eating Spicy "Hot" Food Cause the Same Physical Reaction as Heat?  
         by Barry Green

2.9    Why Is Swimming the Most Deadly Leg of a Triathlon?     
         by Kevin Harris and Larry Greenemeier

2.10  Why Do Our Stomachs Growl When We're Hungry?           
         by Mark A.W. Andrews

2.11  Why Don't Digestive Acids Corrode our Stomach Linings? 
         by William K. Purves

2.12  If Normal Body Temperature is 98 Degrees, Why Do We Feel Hot at that Air Temperature?
         by Jeffery W. Walker

2.13  What Makes the Sound When We Crack our Knuckles?      
         by Raymond Brodeur

2.14  Why Do our Eyelids Get so Heavy When We're Tired?       
         by Mark A.W. Andrews

2.15  How Do Three Tiny Bones Amplify Sound into the Inner Ear?"    
         by Douglas E. Vetter

2.16  How Do Hairs Know To Grow when We Trim Them?       
         by George Cotsarelis

2.17  Why Do Veins Pop out When We Exercise? 
         by Mark A.W. Andrews

2.18  What Causes Ringing in our Ears?     
         by James B. Snow, Jr.

2.19  Why Does Skin Wrinkle with Age?   
         by Suzan Obagi

2.20  Are Food Cravings the Body's Way of Saying We're Lacking Certain Nutrients?    
         by Peter Pressman and Roger Clemens

2.21  Why Do We Get Goosebumps?        
         by George A. Bubenik

2.22  What Causes a Hangover?     
         by Sant P. Singh

2.23  How Long Can the Average Person Survive without Water?
         by Randall K. Packer

2.24  How Long Can Humans Stay Awake?          
         by J. Christian Gillin

2.25  Why Do our Eyes Have a Peak Spectral Response of about 550 Nanometers?
         by Albert O. Edwards

2.26  What Do People Feel in a Zero-Gravity Environment?        
         by Fred Best and George M. Pantalos

2.27  How Does Caffiene Affect the Body?          
         by Neal J. Smatresk

2.28  How Does Someone Get Two Different-Colored Eyes?      
         by Susan J. Gross

2.29  Do Genetics Influence Whether Someone Has Twins?         
         by Nick Martin and Grant Montgomery

2.30  What Causes Albinism and Is There Treatment?      
         by Raymond Boissy


SECTION 3: Psychology: Feats of our Minds

3.1    Do Humans Have a Homing Instinct Like Some Birds Do?  
         by C. Randy Gallistel and Patricia Sharp

3.2    Why Does a Recording of my Voice Sound Different Than It Does in my Head?   
         by Timothy E. Hullar

3.3    Do We Really Only Use 10 Percent of our Brains?  
         by Barry L. Beyerstein

3.4    How Can We Control our Dreams?   
         by Dierdre Barrett and Jordan Lite

3.5    What Causes Someone To Act on Violent Impulses and Commit Murder? 
         by Marco Iacoboni and Larry Greenemeier

3.6    Why Do Two Great Tastes Sometimes Not Taste Great Together?            
         by Tim Jacob

3.7    How Do We Remember Smells for so Long?
         by Donald Wilson

3.8    How Are Short-Term Memories Converted into Long-Term Memories?    
         by Alison Preston

3.9    Can a Middle-Aged Neophyte Make It to Carnegie Hall?    
         by Gary Marcus and Gary Stix

3.10  Does Science Support Punitive Parenting?    
         by Laurence Steinberg  and Charles Q. Choi

3.11  How Important Is Physical Contact with your Infant?        
         by Ann Bigelow and Katherine Harmon Courage

3.12  What Causes Prejudice against Immigrants, and How Can It Be Tamed?     
         by Steven Neuberg and Sophie Bushwick

3.13  How Can Some People Hear their own Eyeballs Move?      
         by Lloyd Minor and Larry Greenemeier

3.14  What Causes Insomnia?         
         by Henry Olders

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