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Leading Water to the Horse
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: Feats of Engineering

1.1   Grand Coulee Progresses
        by R. G. Skerrett

1.2   Finishing the All-American Canal
        by R.G. Skerrett

1.3   Building the Hoover Dam (Part 1)
        by Walker R. Young

1.4   Building the Hoover Dam (Part 2)
        by Walker R. Young

1.5   The Power of Gravity: The Hoover Dam in 2002
        by W. Wayt Gibbs

Section 2: Grand Plans

2.1   Ground Water
        by A. N. Sayre

2.2   Exploiting Water to the Fullest
        by Roger Revelle

2.3   The Mekong River Plan
        by Gilbert F. White

2.4   The Control of the Water Cycle
        by Jose P. Peixoto and M. Ali Kettani

2.5   The Salinity of Rivers
        by Arthur F. Pillsbury

Section 3: Changing Course

3.1   Water
        by Robert P. Ambroggi

3.2   Saving the Ogallala Aquifier
        by Jane Braxton Little

3.3   Experimental Flooding in the Grand Canyon
        by Michael P. Cillier, Robert H. Webb and Edmund D. Andrews

3.4   Down Go the Dams
        by Jane C. Marks

3.5   After the Deluge
        by John A. Carey

3.6   Facing the Freshwater Crisis
        by Peter Rogers

3.7   The Himba and the Dam
        by Carol Ezzell

Section 4: New Ways of Doing

4.1   In a Dry Land
        by Rodger Doyle

4.2   Parched Policy: Rain Won’t Help Shortages in California
        by Tim Beardsley

4.3   Making Every Drop Count
        by Peter H. Gleick

4.4   Clean Energy from Filthy Water
        by Jane Braxton Little

4.5   Restoring the Rio Grande
        by Krista West

4.6   Reclaiming the Aral Sea
        by Philip Micklin and Nikolay V. Aladin

Section 5: Facing the Future

5.1   The Coming Mega Drought
        by Peter H. Gleick and Matthew Heberger

5.2   A River Rams through It: Argentina’s Rio Nuevo
        by Melaine Lenart

5.3   A Shifting Band of Rain
        by Julian P. Sachs and Conor L. Myhrvold

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