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The Sprawling Story of Human Evolution
by Fred Guterl

Section 1: Becoming Us

1.1   Lucy’s Baby
        by Kate Wong

1.2   First of Our Kind
        by Kate Wong

1.3   The Naked Truth
        by Nina G. Jablonski

Section 2: Secrets of Our Success

2.1   What Makes Us Different?
        by Katherine S. Pollard

2.2   Cooking Up Bigger Brains
        by Rachael Moeller Gorman

2.3   The Evolution of Grandparents
        by Rachel Caspari

2.4   Four Fallacies of Pop Evolutionary Psychology
        by David J. Buller

Section 3: Migration and Colonization

3.1   When the Sea Saved Humanity
        by Curtis W. Marean

3.2   Traces of a Distant Past
        by Gary Stix

3.3   The First Americans
        by Heather Pringle

SECTION 4: Vanished Humans

4.1   Twilight of the Neandertals
        by Kate Wong

4.2   Our Inner Neandertal
        by Kate Wong

4.3   Rethinking the Hobbits of Indonesia
        by Kate Wong

SECTION 5: Our Continuing Evolution

5.1   Why We Help
        by Martin A. Nowak

5.2   How We Are Evolving
        by Jonathan K. Pritchard

5.3   What May Become of Us?
        by Peter Ward

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