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Achieving Happiness through Personal Change
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: Change Is in the Mind

1.1   The Essence of Optimism
        by Elaine Fox

1.2   Ready for Anything
        by Steven M. Southwick and Dennis S. Charney

1.3   Can You Be Too Perfect?
        by Emily Laber-Warren

1.4   Six Ways to Boost Brainpower
        by Emily Anthes

1.5   Life Satisfaction Linked to Personality Changes
        by Tori Rodriguez

Section 2: Mastering Good Habits

2.1   Why We Return to Bad Habits
        by David DiSalvo

2.2   Why Don’t People Change?
        by Hal Arkowitz and Scott O. Lilienfeld

2.3   The Willpower Paradox
        by Wray Herbert

Section 3: Getting Past Procrastination

3.1   Why Do Today What You Can Put off until Tomorrow?
        by David Biello

3.2   I’ll Do It Tomorrow
        by Trisha Gura

3.3   Prodding Our Inner Sloth
        by Sandra Upson

Section 4: The Beauty of Self-Discipline

4.1   Dopamine Determines Impulsive Behavior
        by Katherine Harmon

4.2   How To Avoid the Temptations of Immediate Gratification
        by Melanie Bauer

4.3   Time-Warping Temptations
        by David H. Freedman

4.4    Finding Self-Discipline in Others
        by Wray Herbert

4.5   Control Yourself!
        by Wilhelm Hofman and Malte Friese

4.6   Accidental Gluttons
        by Karen Schrock Simring

Section 5: Mindfulness Is Happiness

5.1   A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy One
        by Jason Castro

5.2   Being in the Now
        by Amishi P. Jha

5.3   Why It’s so Hard To Be Happy
        by Michael Wiederman

Section 6: Tips for Self-Improvement

6.1   Success in 7 Short Steps
        by Ingrid Wickelgren

6.2   The Power of the Pen
        by Katja Gaschler

6.3   The Secrets of Self-Improvement
        by Marina Krakovsky

6.4   Make Yourself Happy
        by Maja Storch

Section 7: New Year’s Resolutions

7.1   New Year’s Resolutions You Owe Yourself
        by Charles Q. Choi

7.2   Q&A on Weight Loss Strategies
        by The Editors

7.3   The Key to a Successful Relationship
        by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski

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