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The Future of Food
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: Food Crisis: Global Shortage or Sustainable Solutions

1.1   The Grand Challenge: Can We Feed the World and Sustain the Planet?
        by Jonathan A. Foley

1.2   Fighting Food Insecurity in a Changing Climate
        by Katherine Harmon

1.3   The Perils of Biofuels
        by David Biello

1.4   Waste in the Land of “Man vs. Food”
        by David Wogan

1.5   Food Aid Should Start with Lessons in Agriculture
        by the Editors

1.6   More Food, Less Energy
        by Michael E. Webber

1.7   The Blue Food Revolution
        by Sarah Simpson

1.8   The Rise of Vertical Farms
        by Dickson Despommier

Section 2: GM Crops to the Rescue?

2.1   The Pros and Cons of GM Foods
        by Sasha Nemecek

2.2   A Case for Genetically Modified Crops
        by Brendan Borrell

2.3   GM Crop on the Loose and Evolving in the U.S. Midwest
        by David Biello

2.4   Three Myths about Genetically Modified Crops
        by Natasha Gilbert

2.5   Do Seed Companies Control GM Crop Research?
        by the Editors

2.6   Transgenics: A New Breed
        by Daniel Cressey

Section 3: Smarter Processed Food

3.1   Junk Food: A Global Health Epidemic
        by David Wogan

3.2   Our Obsession with Fast Food
        by Krystal D’Costa

3.3   Your Brain on Sugar: Fructose vs. Glucose
        by Katherine Harmon

3.4   The Link Between High Fructose Corn Syrup and Obesity
        by Scicurious

3.5   Addicted to Food?
        by Oliver Grimm

SECTION 4: Eating Made Safe

4.1   Is Your Food Contaminated?
        by Mark Fischetti

4.2   Food Poisoning’s Hidden Legacy
        by Maryn McKenna, with interview by Steve Mirsky

4.3   Produce Industry’s Safety Push Takes Toll on the Environment
        by Erin Brodwin

SECTION 5: Evolution and the Modern Diet

5.1   Are Modern Methods of Preserving and Cooking Meat Healthy?
        by Ferris Jabr

5.2   Evolving Bigger Brains through Cooking: A Q&A with Richard Wrangham
        by Rachael Moeller Gorman

5.3   Food for Thought
        by William R. Leonard

5.4   The Low-Carbon Diet
        by Christine Soares

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