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Climate Gone Wild
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Wild Weather

1.1    What We Know about the Climate Change-Hurricane Connection
         by Michael E. Mann, Thomas C. Peterson and Susan Joy Hassol
1.2    Was the Extreme 2017 Hurricane Season Driven by Climate Change?
         by Annie Sneed
1.3    Think Hurricane Harvey’s Flooding Was Bad? Just Wait until 2100
         by Annie Sneed
1.4    On the Trail of El Niño
         by Emily Becker
1.5    El Niño Might Speed Up Climate Change
         by Tim Vernimman
1.6    Rethinking the Gulf Stream
         by Stephen C. Riser and M. Susan Lozier
1.7    The Jet Stream Is Getting Weird
         by Jeff Masters    

Section 2: Ecosystems and Their Inhabitants

2.1    Meltdown
         by Jennifer A. Francis
2.2    Waves of Destruction
         by Mark Harris
2.3    The Permafrost Prediction
         by Ted Schuur
2.4    Antarctica’s Great Ice Debate
         by Shannon Hall
2.5    Change of State
         by Dan Baum
2.6    Forests on the March
         by Hillary Rosner
2.7    Can We Save the Corals?
         by Rebecca Albright
2.8    Threatening Ocean Life from the Inside Out
         by Marah J. Hardt and Carl Safina
2.9    Lost at Sea
         by Danielle L. Dixson
2.10  Will Moose Thrive or Die Because of Climate Change?
         by Shannon Hall
2.11  Climate vs. Primate: Dawn of Extinction
         by John R. Platt

Section 3: The Planet’s Changing Habitability

3.1    Catching Fever
         by Lois Parshley
3.2    What Lies Beneath
         by Sara Goudarzi
3.3    The Unfolding Tragedy of Climate Change in Bangladesh
         by Robert Glennon
3.4    Syria’s Climate Refugees    
         by John Wendle
Section 4: Looking Toward the Future

4.1    How Will Climate Change Us?
         by Katie Peek
4.2    The Great Climate Experiment
         by Ken Caldeira
4.3    Doom-and-Gloom Scenarios on Climate Change Won’t Solve Our Problem
         by Elise Gronish
4.4    Will We Still Enjoy Pinot Noir?
         by Kimberly A. Nicholas
4.5    Fantasy Island
         by Simon D. Donner
4.6    Preventing Tomorrow’s Climate Wars
         by Andrew Holland
4.7    A Puzzle for the Planet
         by Michael E. Webber
4.8    How To Break the Climate Deadlock
         by Naomi Oreskies

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