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Criminal Psychology & The Roots of Violence
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Biological Underpinnings of Violence

1.1    The Roots of Human Aggression
         by R. Douglas Fields

1.2    Secrets of the Criminal Mind
         by Gareth Cook

1.3    The Violent Brain
         by Daniel Strueber & Monika Lueck

1.4    How Responsible Are Killers with Brain Damage?
         by Micah Johnson

1.5    The Case of the Sleeping Slayer
         by James Vlahos

1.6    Testosterone Alone Does Not Cause Violence
         by Christopher Mims

Section 2: Violence in Society

2.1    A Gunman’s Regret
         by R. Douglas Fields

2.2    Why Cops Lose Control
         by Rachel Nuwer

2.3    Violent Pride
         by Roy F. Baumeister

2.4    How Intimacy Can Breed Violence
         by Eli J. Finkel & Caitlin W. Duffy

2.5    Are Men the More Belligerent Sex?
         by Hal Arkowitz & Scott O. Lilienfeld

2.6    Violence Against Women at Epidemic Proportions
         by Monya Baker

Section 3: Radicalized Violence

3.1    How People Become Radicalized
         by Scott Atran

3.2    Fueling Extremes
         by Stephen D. Reicher & S. Alexander Haslam

3.3    Researchers Model Online Hate Networks in Effort to Battle Them
         by David Noonan

3.4    Militia Expert Warns Trump’s Capitol Insurrectionists Could Try Again
         by Amy Cooter

3.5    Stop Domestic Terrorism
         by The Editors

Section 4: Antisocial Behavior & Personality Disorders

4.1    When Do the Mentally Ill Resort to Violence?
         by Hal Arkowitz & Scott O. Lilienfeld

4.2    The Roots of Problem Personalities
         by Andreas Meyer-Linderberg

4.3    When Passion Is the Enemy
         by Molly Knight Raskin

Section 5: Defining Psychopathy

5.1    What “Psychopath” Means
         by Scott O. Lilienfeld & Hal Arkowitz

5.2    Inside the Mind of a Psychopath
         by Kent A. Kiehl & Joshua W. Buckholtz

5.3    The Dark Core of Personality
         by Scott Barry Kaufman

Section 6: Seeking Solutions    

6.1    People in Violent Relationships Need Better Help
         by Marissa Fessenden

6.2    Using Big Data to Reduce Homicide
         by Rodrigo Guerrero Velasco

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