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Designing the Urban Future
by Jeanene Swanson

SECTION 1: Cities of the Future

1.1   Gigalopolises: Urban Land Area May Triple by 2030
        by David Biello

1.2   Building More Sustainable Cities
        by William E. Rees

1.3   Can a Self-Supporting City Rise in the Middle Eastern Desert?
        by David Biello

1.4   How Green is My City
        by David Biello

1.5   Street Talk
        by Michael Easter and Gary Stix

SECTION 2: Drivers: Innovation and Creativity

2.1   The Social Nexus
        by Carlo Ratti and Anthony Townsend

2.2   Engines of Innovation
        by Edward Glaeser

2.3   Bigger Cities Do More with Less
        by Luis M.A. Bettencourt and Geoffrey B. West

2.4   Global Bazaar
        by Robert Neuwirth

SECTION 3: Facing Climate Change

3.1   How Can Cities Adapt to Climate Change?
        by David Biello

3.2   Chicago Goes Green
        by Josh Boak

SECTION 4: Efficient Buildings

4.1   LEED Certifications Changes Cities
        by Kate Wilcox

4.2   MisLEEDing?
        by Daniel Brook

4.3   Fixing Manhattan’s Green Roofs
        by Amy Kraft

4.4   Castles in the Air
        by Mark Lamster

SECTION 5: Renewable Power

5.1   Tapping Distributed Energy in 21st-Century Cities
        by David Roberts

5.2   The Start-Up Pains of a Smarter Electricity Grid
        by David Biello

5.3   How Home Solar Arrays Can Help Stabilize the Grid
        by George Musser

5.4   Clean Energy from Filthy Water
        by Jane Braxton Little

SECTION 6: Easy Transport

6.1   Taking back the Streets for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Mass Transit
        by John Matson

6.2   Predictive Modeling Warns Drivers before Jams Occur
        by Mark Fischetti

6.3   How to Get More Bicyclists on the Road
        by Linda Baker

6.4   Where Should Electric Vehicle Deployment Be Today?
        by Melissa C. Lott

6.5   Revolutionary Rail
        by Stuart F. Brown

SECTION 7: Clean Water

7.1   Using Nanotechnology to Filter Drinking Water
        by Luciana Gravotta

7.2   UV Light as Disinfectant
        by Larry Greenemeier

7.3   California City Uses Desalination to Quench Thirst
        by Larry Greenemeier

7.4   Catch 22: Water vs. Energy
        by Michael E. Webber

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