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As Many Kinds of Hearts
by Hannah Schmidt

Section 1: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

1.1   Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends”
        by Adrian F. Ward

1.2   The Truth about Boys and Girls
        by Lise Eliot

1.3   He Said, She Said
        by Deborah Tannen

1.4   Student Surveys Contradict Claims of Evolved Sex Differences
        by J.R. Minkel

1.5   Men Value Sex, Women Value Love?
        by Andrea Anderson

Section 2: Dating in the Modern World

2.1   Dating in a Digital World
        by Eli J. Finkel, Paul W. Eastwick, Benjamin R. Karney, Harry T. Reis, and Susan Sprecher

2.2   The Truth about Online Dating
        by Robert Epstein

2.3   Not Tonight, Dear, I Have To Reboot
        by Charles Q. Choi

Section 3: Laws of Attraction

3.1   Changing the Dating Game
        by Wray Herbert

3.2   The Humor Gap
        by Christie Nicholson

3.3   How Science Can Help You Fall in Love
        by Robert Epstein

3.4   The Happy Couple            
        by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski

Section 4: Sex and Love in the Brain

4.1   Your Brain in Love
        by Mark Fischetti

4.2   All You Need Is Love: The Neurochemical Jolt and Obsession
        by Cassie Rodenberg

4.3   Does Falling in Love Make Us More Creative?
        by Nira Liberman and Oren Shapira

4.4   Your Love Is My Drug: How Passions Sparks the Same Painkilling Pathways as Drugs
        by Katherine Harmon

4.5   Sex Is Better for Women in Love            
        by Melinda Wenner

4.6   Affairs of the Lips            
        by Chip Walter

4.7   Turn It Up, Dear            
        by Gary Stix

4.8   Sex and the Secret Nerve            
        by R. Douglas Fields

4.9   The Orgasmic Mind            
        by Martin Portner  

Section 5: Gender, Sexuality, and Choice

5.1   Is Your Child Gay?            
        by Jesse Bering

5.2   Do Gays Have a Choice?            
        by Robert Epstein

5.3   Follow Up: Sexuality and Choice            
        by the Editors

5.4   Smooth Thinking about Sexuality            
        by Robert Epstein

5.5   The Third Gender            
        by Jesse Bering  

Section 6: The Darker Side

6.1   Why Do Men Buy Sex?            
        by Nikolas Westerhoff

6.2   Psychology Uncovers Sex Appeal of Dark Personalities            
        by Daisy Grewal

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