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Science and Ethics
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: Genomics

1.1   The Gene Hunt: Should Finders Be Keepers?
        by Lynne Peeples

1.2   Patents Can Hinder Genetic Research and Patient Care
        by Larry Greenemeier

1.3   Are DNA Patents Doomed?
        by Ricki Lewis

1.4   Are Personal Genome Scans Medically Useless?
        by Sally Lehrman

1.5   Genetic Tests for Consumers
        by Katherine Harmon

1.6   Keeping Your Genes Private
        by Mark A. Rothstein

Section 2: Human Medical Research

2.1   Outsourcing Medical Studies—and Ethical Quandaries—to Africa
        by David Biello

2.2   The Ethics of Scan and Tell
        by Jamie Talan

2.3   Reporting Unrelated Findings in Study Subjects
        by Katherine Harmon

2.4   When Laws and Ethics Conflict
        by Janet D. Stemwedel

2.5   When Does Life Belong to the Living?
        by Robin Marantz Henig

Section 3: Drug Trials

3.1   How Much Money was Your Doctor Paid by a Drug Company?
        by Katherine Harmon

3.2   Uninformed Consent
        by Katherine Harmon

3.3   Clinical Trials for Beginners
        by Judy Stone

3.4   Is Drug Research Trustworthy?
        by Charles Seife

3.5   Studying Drugs in All the Wrong People
        by Gabriella Rosen

Section 4: Basic Research

4.1   The Cost of Misconduct
        by Katherine Harmon

4.2   How We Decide (to Falsify)
        by Janet D. Stemwedel

4.3   End-of-Semester Meditations on Plagiarism
        by Janet D. Stemwedel

4.4   Gender Bias: Ethical Implications of an Empirical Finding
        by Janet D. Stemwedel

4.5   Ban Chimp Testing
        by the Editors

SECTION 5: Sports

5.1   Athlete Alert: Is Genetic Juicing Set to Replace Steroids?
        by Katherine Harmon

5.2   The History of Synthetic Testosterone
        by John M. Hoberman, Charles E. Yesalis

5.3   Gene Doping
        by H. Lee Sweeney

5.4   The Doping Dilemma
        by Michael Shermer

5.5   Rope a Dope: Drug Testing in Sports Enters a More Aggressive Era
        by John Matson

SECTION 6: How We Make Decisions: Ethics and the Mind

6.1   Anguish and Ethics
        by Hubertus Breuer

6.2   When Morality is Hard to Like
        by Jorge Moll and Ricardo de Oliveira-Souza

6.3   Who Matters When Making Ethical Decisions in Science?
        by Janet D. Stemwedel

6.4   Unveiling the Real Evil Genius
        by Ingrid Wickelgren

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