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Get Smart
by Dawn Stover

Section 1: Origins of Brilliance

1.1   The Science of Genius
        by Dean Keith Simonton

1.2   The Thinking that IQ Tests Miss
        by Keith E. Stanovic

1.3   What Does a Smart Brain Look Like?
        by Richard J. Haier

1.4   Creativity is Collective
        by S. Alexander Haslam, Inmaculda Adarves-Yorno and Tom Postmes

Section 2: Enhancing Intelligence

2.1   Fit Body, Fit Mind?
        by Christopher Hertzog, Arthur F. Kramer, Robert S. Wilson and Ulman Lindenberger

2.2   What Works, What Doesn’t
        by John Dunlosky, Katherine A. Rawson, Elizabeth J. Marsh, Mitchell J. Nathan and Daniel T. Willingham

2.3   The Aha! Moment
        by Nessa Bryce

2.4   Accidental Genius
        by Darold A. Treffert

Section 3: Helping Kids Excel

3.1   Nurturing the Young Genius
        by Rena F. Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius and Frank C. Worrell

3.2   How to Build a Better Learner
        by Gary Stix

3.3   The Secret to Raising Smart Kids
        by Carol S. Dweck

3.4   Calisthenics for a Child’s Mind
        by Ingrid Wickelgren

Section 4: Frontiers of Genius

4.1   Can We Keep Getting Smarter?
        by Tim Folger

4.2   The Social Genius of Animals
        by Katherine Harmon Courage

4.3   Turbocharging the Brain
        by Gary Stix

4.4   Where Are All the Female Geniuses?
        by Sandra Upson and Lauren F. Friedman

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