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Humanity’s Journey
by Kate Wong

Section 1: Where We Came From

1.1   Where We Came From
        by The Editors

1.2   Welcome to the Family
        by Bernard Wood

1.3   Mystery Human
        by Kate Wong

1.4   Climate Shocks
        by Peter B. deMenocal

1.5   Tales of a Stone Age Neuroscientist
        by Dietrich Stout

1.6   When the Sea Saved Humanity
        by Curtis W. Marean

1.7   Human Hybrids
        by Michael F. Hammer

Section 2: What Makes Us Special

2.1   The Naked Truth
        by Nina G. Jablonski

2.2   The “It” Factor
        by Gary Stix

2.3   Neandertal Minds
        by Kate Wong

2.4   Powers of Two
        by Blake Edgar

2.5   The Evolution of Grandparents
        by Rachel Caspari

2.6   One for All
        by Frans de Waal

2.7   The Origins of Creativity
        by Heather Pringle

Section 3: Where We Are Going

3.1   Where We Are Going
        by The Editors

3.2   The Networked Primate
        by Mark Fischetti

3.3   Still Evolving (After All These Years)
        by John Hawks

3.4   Starship Humanity
        by Cameron M. Smith

3.5   The 1 Percent Difference
        by Kate Wong

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