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A Journey with John Horgan
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: Consciousness: I Think, Therefore I…?

1.1    How Do I Know I’m Not the Only Conscious Being in the Universe?
1.2    I’m Agonizing over My Naive Realism
1.3    Free Will Is Real
1.4    A Super-Simple, Non-Quantum Theory of Eternal Consciousness

Section 2: Quantum Mechanics

2.1    My Quantum Experiment
2.2    String Theory Does Not Win a Nobel, and I Win a Bet
2.3    Quantum Mechanics, Plato’s Cave and the Blind Piranha
2.4    What’s Wrong with Physics?
2.5    Is the Schrödinger Equation True?

Section 3: Psychedelic Science

3.1    Tripping in LSD’s Birthplace: A Story for “Bicycle Day”
3.2    Tripping on Peyote in Navajo Nation
3.3    Yes, Make Psychedelics Legally Available, but Don’t Forget the Risks
3.4    DMT Is in Your Head, but It May Be Too Weird for the Psychedelic Renaissance

Section 4: Soul Searching: Looking for the Divine

4.1    Quantum Mechanics, the Mind-Body Problem and Negative Theology
4.2    Why I Don’t Dig Buddhism
4.3    What Does It Feel Like to Be Enlightened?
4.4    One of the World’s Most Powerful Scientists Believes in Miracles

Section 5: Science and Society

5.1    Should We Chill Out about Global Warming?
5.2    The Coronavirus and Right-Wing Postmodernism
5.3    Revolt against the Rich
5.4    Why STEM Students Need Humanities Courses
5.5    How Can We Curb the Spread of Scientific Racism?
5.6    Will COVID-19 Make Us More Socialist?

Section 6: What Is Science, Anyway?

6.1    The Paradox of Karl Popper
6.2    What Thomas Kuhn Really Thought about Scientific “Truth”
6.3    Was Philosopher Paul Feyerabend Really Science's “Worst Enemy”?
6.4    Is Mathematics, like Science, Pluralistic?
6.5    Science Should Not Try to Absorb Religion and Other Ways of Knowing

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