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Exoplanets: Worlds Without End
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: Exo-Search

1.1   A Plentitude of Planets
        by John Matson

1.2   The Dawn of Distant Skies
        by Michael D. Lemonick

1.3   New Mission Examines Chemical Signatures
        by John Matson

1.4   Gravitational Mesolensing and the Hunt for Exoplanets
        by Caleb A. Scharf

1.5   Should We Expect Other Earth-like Planets at All?
        by Caleb A. Scharf

Section 2: Giants: Hot and Cold

2.1   The Varied Lives of “Hot Jupiters”
        by Ken Croswell

2.2   Lonely Planets
        by Caleb A. Scharf

2.3   Atmosphere Sheds Light on Planetary Formation
        by Kelly Oakes

Section 3: Potential Earths: Places We Could Call Home

3.1   Planets with Lots to Offer
        by Dimitar D. Sasselov and Diana Valencia

3.2   Noisy Stars May Create Phantom Planets
        by Ron Cowen

3.3   Water Worlds
        by Ron Cowen

3.4   Do Small Planets Need a Heavy Metal Star?
        by John Matson

3.5   Tiny Planets with Big Potential
        by John Matson

3.6   Do Three Super-Earths Orbit a Nearby Star?
        by Lee Billings

3.7   Better Than Earth
        by René Heller

Section 4: Oddballs: Stranger than Fiction

4.1   Bones of Giants
        by Charles Choi

4.2   Diamond Planets
        by John Matson

4.3   Improbable Planets
        by Michael W. Werner and Michael A. Jura

4.4   Intergalactic Expat
        by John Matson

4.5   A Large Lump of Coal
        by George Musser

4.6   A Tale of Two Exoplanets
        by JR. Minkel

4.7   Worlds with Two Suns
        by William F. Welsh and Laurance R. Doyle

Section 5: The Search for Life

5.1   Anybody Home?
        by John Matson

5.2   The Search for Life on Faraway Moons
        by Lee Billings

5.3   Extraterrestrial Intelligence
        by John Matson

5.4   Contact: The Day After
        by Tim Folger

5.5   The Color of Plants on Other Worlds
        by Nancy Y. Kiang

Section 6: Going the Distance: Interstellar Travel

6.1   Reaching for the Stars
        by Stephanie D. Leifer

6.2   Starship Humanity
        by Cameron M. Smith

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