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Stranger than We Can Suppose
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: What We Thought Versus What We Found

1.1   Nearest Neighbors?
         by Staff Editor

1.2    “Proof” of Life
         by E.C. Slipher

1.3    Questions Arise: Is Mars Habitable?
         by Henry Norris Russell

1.4    Fading Belief In Life on Other Planets
         by Henry Norris Russell

1.5    The 1950s: The Plants Stay in the Picture
         by Gérard de Vaucouleurs

1.6    The 1960s: Mars Revealed
         by Robert Leighton

1.7    Mars from Mariner 9
         by Bruce Murray

1.8    The 1970s: Viking
         by Raymond E. Arvidson, Alan B. Binder and Kenneth L. Jones

1.9    Mars Global Surveyor: The Unearthly Landscapes of Mars
         by Arden L Albee

1.10  A Whole World Out There: The Many Faces of Mars
         by Philip R. Christensen

1.11  The Red Planet's Watery Past
         by Jim Bell  

Section 2: Current Missions

2.1    Reading The Red Planet
         by John P. Grotzinger and Ashwin Vasavada

2.2    Ready to Rove: Curiosity Project Scientist Lays out Mars Tour Plans
         by David Appell

2.3    Once There Were Oceans: Orbiter Finds Stores of Buried Dry Ice
         by John Matson

2.4    Martian Claymation
         by George Musser

2.5    The Spirit Mission Soldiers On
         by George Musser

2.6    Mars Express: Was Mars Once Wet?
         by John Matson

2.7    Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Hope for Life Again
         by Peter H Smith

2.8    Skycranes in Space: A Martian Rope Trick
         by George Musser

2.9    The Man Behind the Missions
         by David Appell  

Section 3: Possible Futures

3.1    Why Go to Mars?
         by Glen Zorpette

3.2    How to Go to Mars
         by George Musser and Mark Alpert

3.3    The Mars Direct Plan
         by Robert Zubrin

3.4    This Way to Mars
         by Damon Landau and Nathan J. Strange

3.5    From the Moon to Mars
         by Harrison H. Schmitt

3.6    To Mars by way of its Moons
         by S. Fred Singer

3.7    Terraforming: Bringing Life to Mars
         by Christopher P. McKay

3.8    Robots vs. Humans: Who Should Explore Space?
         by Francis Slakey and Paul D. Spudis

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