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Strange But True Or Truly Strange?
by Karin Tucker

SECTION 1: Mind & Brain

1.1     “Pregnancy Brain” Is a Myth
          by Melinda Wenner Moyer

1.2    5 Common Myths about the Brain
         by the Editors

1.3    The Acupuncture Myth
         by Janeen Interlandi

1.4    Bad Weather Makes for a Long Day
         by Karen Blankfeld Schultz

1.5    Looking at the Sun Can Trigger a Sneeze
         by Karen Schrock

1.6    Can You Trust a Eureka Moment?
         by Roni Jacobson

1.7    Innate Intelligence Is the Key to Success
         by Carol S. Dweck

1.8    Divorce Is Bad for Children
         by Hal Arkowitz, Scott O. Lilienfeld

1.9    Oxytocin Is the Love Hormone
         by Gary Stix

1.10  Video Games Boost Brain Power
         by Daphne Bavelier and C. Shawn Green


2.1    Carrots Improve Your Vision
         by Dina Fine Maron

2.2    Chocolate Is Good for Your Health
         by Christine Gorman

2.3    Fiery Fumes from a Chili Sauce Factory Could Cause Health Problems
         by Annie Sneed

2.4    A Clove of Garlic Can Stop a Vaginal Yeast Infection
         by Julia Calderone

2.5    The 5-Second Rule for Dropped Food
         by Larry Greenemeier

2.6    Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever
         by Mark Fischetti

SECTION 3: Health & Body

3.1    Diets Don’t Work
         by Charlotte N. Markey

3.2    “Fat Letters” Help Kids Lose Weight
         by Dina Fine Maron

3.3    The Tongue Is the Strongest Muscle in the Body
         by Julia Calderone and Ben Fogelson

3.4    If You Shave (or Wax), Your Hair Will Come Back Thicker
         by Dina Fine Maron

3.5    Straight Hair is Knottier Than Curly Hair
         by Christie Nicholson

3.6    People Swallow 8 Spiders a Year While They Sleep
         by Annie Sneed

3.7    A “Base Tan” Can Protect against Sunburn
         by Dina Fine Maron

3.8    Combustibility of Spray-On Sunscreens Poses Risk of Sun Burns
         by Dina Fine Maron

3.9    Emergency Contraceptives Cause Abortions
         by Annie Sneed

3.10  Humans Carry More Bacterial Cells than Human Ones
         by Melinda Wenner

3.11  The Ebola Virus Will Go Airborne
         by Dina Fine Maron

3.12  Vaccines Are Dangerous
         by Dina Fine Maron

3.13  Identical Twins’ Genes Are Not Identical
         by Anne Casselman

SECTION 4: Sustainability

4.1    Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste
         by Mara Hvistendahl

4.2    Mammoths Can Be Brought Back from Extinction
         by David Biello

4.3    Geoengineering Can Solve Global Warming
         by David Biello

4.4    We Can Push the Planet into a Runaway Greenhouse Apocalypse
         by Lee Billings

4.5    The Sixth Mass Extinction Can Be Stopped
         by David Biello

4.6    Natural Gas Will Reduce Global Warming Pollution
         by David Biello

SECTION 5: Space - Astrophysics

5.1    The Explosive Death of Eta Carinae Will Cause a Mass Extinction
         by Lee Billings

5.2    Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs
         by Lee Billings

5.3    Survival in Space Unprotected in PossibleBriefly
         by Anna Gosline

SECTION 6: Technology

6.1    Your Car Is Hackable
         by Larry Greenemeier

6.2    Your Smartphone and Tablet Are Vulnerable to Hackers
         by Larry Greenemeier

6.3    Encryption Prevents Digital Eavesdropping
         by Larry Greenemeier

6.4    Video Games Are the Future of Education
         by Elena Malykhina

6.5    Antigravity Chambers Exist­
         by Clara Moskowitz

6.6    When Fire Strikes, Stop, Drop and…Sing?
         by Alison Snyder

SECTION 7: Miscellany

7.1    Wind Chill Is Real
         by Mark Fischetti

7.2    The Earth Has More Than One North Pole
         by Anne Casselman

7.3    Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed
         by Clara Moskowitz

7.4    Superfluid Helium Can Climb Walls
         by JR Minkel

7.5    Newborns Can Bond to a “Mother” from a Different Species
         by Rachel Dvoskin

7.6    The Myth of Compassionate Execution
         by The Editors

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