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Hacking the Immune System
by Ricki Rusting

Section 1: Coping with COVID

1.1    Inside the Coronavirus
         by Mark Fischetti

1.2    Fast-Track Drugs for COVID
         by Michael Waldholz

1.3    The Vaccine Quest
         by Charles Schmidt

1.4    COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Search for Antibodies that “First Do No Harm”
         by Esther Landhuis

1.5    What Immunity to COVID-19 Really Means
         by Stacey McKenna

Section 2: Beyond COVID: Vaccines for Infectious Disease

2.1    Vaccines Reimagined
         by Melinda Wenner Moyer

2.2    Fact or Fiction: Vaccines Are Dangerous
         by Dina Fine Maron

2.3    Genomic Vaccines Fight Disease in Ways Not Possible Before
         by Geoffrey Ling

2.4    A Universal Flu Vaccine Is Vital
         by Catharine I. Paules & Anthony S. Fauci

2.5    New Finding Advances the Search for a Universal Flu Vaccine
         by Dina Fine Maron

2.6    How to Kill HIV: Target Its “Influencers”
         by Apoorva Mandavilli

2.7    The Dengue Debacle
         by Seema Yasmin & Madhusree Mukerjee

2.8    Prior Dengue Infection Protects Children against Zika Symptoms
         by Debbie Ponchner

Section 3: Immunotherapy for Cancer

3.1    A Shot against Cancer
         by Karen Weintraub

3.2    The Biology of Sugars Points to a Sweet Strategy for Treating Cancer
         by Esther Landhuis

3.3    The Next Wave of Immuno-Oncology
         by Rafael Amado

3.4    Cancer Therapy in 2020
         by Sharon Ofer

3.5    Are We Innately Immune to Cancer
         by Mark Lowdell

3.6    What’s Next after Creating a Cancer-Prevention Vaccine
         by Dina Fine Maron

Section 4: Surprising Targets for Immune Hacks

4.1    Could Immunotherapy Treat Diseases Besides Cancer?
         by Karen Weintraub

4.2    Killer Infections: Is It in Your Genes?
         by Claudia Wallis

4.3    The Seventh Sense
         by Jonathan Kipnis

4.4    What Would It Take to Get an Effective Alzheimer’s Drug?
         by Sam Gandy, Tamas Bartfai, Graham Lees and Mary Sano

4.5    Fighting the Opioid Crisis with Vaccines and Better Chemistry
         by Dina Fine Maron

4.6    Vanquishing Diabetes
         by Kristen M. Drescher & Steven Tracy

Section 5: Boosting Immunity

5.1    How to Boost Your Immunity
         by Claudia Wallis

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