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A Modern Pandemic
by Robert Keating

Section 1: The Onslaught

1.1   The AIDS Virus
        by Robert C. Gallo

1.2   The Origins of the AIDS Virus
        by Max Essex and Phyllis J. Kanki

1.3   The Science of AIDS
        by Robert C. Gallo and Luc Montagnier

1.4   Understanding AIDS
        by William L. Heyward and James W. Curran

Section 2: The Answer?

2.1   AIDS Vaccines
        by Thomas J. Matthews and Dani P. Bolognesi

2.2   Hope in a Vial
        by Carol Ezzell

2.3   Where is the AIDS Vaccine?
        by JR Minkel

2.4   Inside the Vaccine Search
        by David I. Watkins

2.5   Vaccines on the Fast Track
        by Alan Aderem

Section 3: The Youngest Victims

3.1   Children with HIV
        by Catherine M. Wilfert and Ross E. McKinney, Jr.

3.2   HIV – The Mom Factor
        by Katherine Harmon

3.3   Caring for AIDS Babies
        by Katherine Harmon

Section 4: The Global Pandemic

4.1   Tracking HIV in 1998
        by Jonathan M. Mann and Daniel J.M. Tarantola

4.2   AIDS in Africa
        by John C. Caldwell and Pat Caldwell

4.3   Care for a Dying Continent
        by Carol Ezzell

4.4   AIDS Drugs for Africa
        by Carol Ezzell

4.5   The Circumcision Solution
        by Katherine Harmon

Section 5: The Next Chapter

5.1   Blocking HIV’s Attack
        by Carl June and Bruce Levine

5.2   Can HIV Be Cured?
        by Mario Stevenson

5.3   Preventing the Next Pandemic
        by Nathan Wolfe

5.4   Secrets of the HIV Controllers
        by Bruce D. Walker

Section 6: The Long Road

6.1   The International AIDS Conference: Past Success and Future Goals
        by Maryn McKenna

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