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Unleashing the Creative Mind
by Dawn Stover

Section 1: Where Creativity Comes From

1.1   The Origins of Creativity
        by Heather Pringle

1.2   Predicting Artistic Brilliance
        by Jennifer E. Drake and Ellen Winner

1.3   So You Want to Be a Genius
        by Daisy Yuhas

1.4   The Science of Genius
        by Dean Keith Simonton

Section 2: Lessons From Creative Geniuses

2.1   The Unleashed Mind
        by Shelley Carson

2.2   Charles J. Limb: Inner Sparks
        by Alicia Anstead

2.3   Brian Wilson: A Cork on the Ocean
        by Brian Levine

2.4   Leonardo da Vinci, Neuroscientist
        by Jonathan Pevsner

2.5   Unveiling the Real Evil Genius
        by Ingrid Wickelgren

Section 3: The Creative Unconscious

3.1   Answers While You Sleep
        by Deirdre Barrett

3.2   Unlocking the Lucid Dream
        by Ursula Voss

3.3   Living in an Imaginary World
        by Josie Glausiusz

3.4   The Serious Need for Play
        by Melinda Wenner Moyer

Section 4: Cultivating Creativity

4.1   Your Fertile Brain at Work
        by Evangelia G. Chrysikou

4.2   Let Your Creativity Soar
        by Mariette DiChristina, John Houtz, Julia Cameron, and Robert Epstein

4.3   Engines of Innovation
        by Edward Glaeser

4.4   Bigger Cities Do More with Less
        by Luís M.A. Bettencourt and Geoffrey B. West

4.5   Switching on Creativity
        by Allan W. Snyder and Sophie Ellwood

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