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Getting Smart About Water
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Our Water Supply

1.1    Facing the Freshwater Crisis
         by Peter Rogers
1.2    Saving the Ogallala Aquifer
         by Jane Braxton Little
1.3    The Radical Groundwater Storage Test
         by Erica Gies
1.4    Bottoms Up
         by Olive Heffernan
1.5    Summon the Rain
         by Dan Baum
1.6    Change of State
         by Dan Baum

Section 2: Water + Energy

2.1    A Puzzle for the Planet
         by Michael E. Webber
2.2    Clean Energy from Filthy Water
         by Jane Braxton Little

Section 3: Water Safety

3.1    The Flourine Detectives
         by Xiao Zhi Lim
3.2    What Really Happened to the Water in Flint, Michigan?
         by Marc Edwards and Jayde Lovell
3.3    Don’t Drink the Water
         by Charles Schmidt
3.4    Death in the Water
         by Katy Daigle
3.5    America’s Water Supply: The Corrosion of a Proud Tradition
         by Robert Glennon
Section 4: Sustainability: A Wet Future

4.1    Sponge Cities
         by Erica Gies
4.2    Desalination Breakthrough: Saving the Sea from Salt
         by Erica Gies

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