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The Four Horsemen
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: Predicting the Apocalypse

1.1   Laying Odds on the Apocalypse
        by John Matson and John Pavlus

1.2   Doom and Gloom by 2100
        by Julie Wakefield

Section 2: Plague

2.1   Preparing for a Pandemic
        by W. Wayt Gibbs and Christine Soares

2.2   The Enemy Within
        by Maryn McKenna

Section 3: Famine

3.1   Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization
        by Lester R. Brown

3.2   Phosphorus: A Looming Crisis
        by David A. Viccari

Section 4: War

4.1   The Climatic Effects of Nuclear War
        by Richard P. Turco, Owen B. Toon, Thomas P. Ackerman, James B. Pollack and Carl Sagan

4.2   The Prompt and Delayed Effects of Nuclear Winter
        by Kevin N. Lewis

4.3   Local Nuclear War, Global Suffering
        by Alan Robock and Owen Brian Toon

Section 5: Death from Above

5.1   Collisions with Comets and Asteroids
        by Tom Gehrels

5.2   Stop the Killer Rocks
        by Edward T. Lu

5.3   Asteroid Collision
        by Robin Lloyd

Section 6: Death from Below

6.1   Impact from the Deep
        by Peter D. Ward

6.2   The Secrets of Supervolcanoes
        by Ilya N. Bindeman

Section 7: Environmental Collapse

7.1   Abrupt Climate Change
        by Richard B. Alley

7.2   Casualties of Climate Change
        by Alex de Sherbinin, Koko Warner and Charles Ehrhart

7.3   Climate Armageddon [Excerpt]
        by Fred Guterl

Section 8: With a Whimper

8.1   The Fate of Life in the Universe
        by Lawrence M. Krauss and Glenn D. Starkman

8.2   Could Time End?
        by George Musser

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