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Martin Gardner on Numbers
by Kristin Ozelli

Section 1: Numbers Real, Imaginary and In-between

1.1       Seeing the Integers through the Trees
1.2       Negative Numbers and Peg Boards
1.3       The Imaginableness of Imaginary Numbers
1.4       The Remarkable Lore of Prime Numbers
1.5       A Surplus of Surreal Number Games

Section 2: Number Sequences, Series and Patterns

2.1       Playing Chess with Catalan Numbers
2.2       Rhyming and Chiming with Bell Numbers
2.3       The Strong Law of Small Numbers
2.4       Figurate Numbers for a Chinese Checker Board

Section 3: Special Constants: Have your Pi and E It too

3.1       Slices of Pi
3.2       Phi, Fibonacci and Mollusks
3.3       Abracadabric "e"
3.4       Omega, the Ultimate Random Number

Section 4: Number Systems: Beyond "The Tyranny of 10"

4.1       Tricks with Ternary Numbers
4.2       The Gray Code Beats Chinese Rings
4.3       Binary Numbers and Mind Reading Cards
4.4       Negabinary Numbers Power a Chessboard Computer
4.5       Binary Numbers and the I Ching

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