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Mathematics in the New Millennium
by Evelyn Lamb

Section 1: Frontiers of Mathematics

1.1   The Whole Universe Catalog
        by Stephen Ornes
1.2   The Shapes of Space
        by Graham P. Collins
1.3   Sphere Packing in the nth Dimension
        by Evelyn Lamb

Section 2: The Body Mathematic

2.1   Outcalculating the Competition
        by Heather Wax
2.2   The Generative Geometry of Seashells
        by Derek E Moulton, Alain Goriely and Régis Chirat
2.3   Modeling the Flu
        by Adam J. Kucharski
2.4   Cracking the Brain’s Enigma Code
        by Helen Shen

Section 3: Mathematics for Understanding the Physical World

3.1   How Einstein Discovered Reality
        by Walter Isaacson
3.2   The Strangest Numbers in String Theory
        by John C. Baez and John Huerta
3.3   Walls of Water
        by Dana Mackenzie
3.4   The Particle Code
        by Matthew von Hippel

Section 4: Mathematics and Human Culture

4.1   Geometry v. Gerrymandering
        by Moon Duchin
4.2   Hacking Passwords with Math
        by Jean-Paul Delahaye
4.3   Art by the Numbers
        by Stephen Ornes

Section 5: The Outer Limits

5.1   Gödel’s Proof
        by Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman
5.2   The Limits of Reason
        by Gregory Chaitin
5.3   The Unsolvable Problem
        by Toby S. Cubitt, David Pérez-García and Michael Wolf

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