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Music & the Brain
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Your Brain on Music

1.1   Music and the Brain
        by Norman M. Weinberger

1.2   Everyone Can Gain from Making Music
        by Julia Calderone

1.3   Why Music Moves Us
        by Karen Schrock

1.4   The Healing Power of Music
        by William Forde Thompson & Gottfried Schlaug

Section 2: Music & Math

2.1   Is There a Link Between Music and Math?
        by Nadine Gaab & Jennifer Zuk

2.2   The Beauty of Math
        by Seth Newman

2.3   Math, Music and Imagination
        by Marcus Miller

Section 3: Music & Language Skills

3.1   Speaking in Tones
        by Diana Deutsch

3.2   Music Helps Kids Read
        by Jenni Laidman

3.3   Even a Few Years of Music Training Benefits the Brain    
        by Christie Wilcox
Section 4: Music & Movement

4.1   The Neuroscience of Dance
        by Steven Brown & Lawrence M. Parson

4.2   The Evolution of Dance
        by Thea Singer

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