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Section 1: Underpinnings of Disease

1.1    Shifting Tactics on Alzheimer’s
         by Claudia Wallis

1.2    Possible Missing Link in Alzheimer’s Pathology Identified
         by Karen Weintraub

1.3    Troubled Sleep and Dementia
         by Claudia Wallis

1.4    “Stress Hormone” Cortisol Linked to Early Toll on Thinking Ability
         by Karen Weintraub

1.5    A Gut—and Liver—Check to Get a Bead on Alzheimer’s
         by Emily Willingham

Section 2: Unexpected Discoveries

2.1    In Alzheimer’s, Brain Inflammation Ignites a Neuron-Killing “Forest Fire”
         by Karen Weintraub

2.2    Is “Friendly Fire” in the Brain Provoking Alzheimer's Disease?
         by Alison Abbott

2.3    Could Alzheimer's Be a Reaction to Infection?
         by Kenneth Shinozuka & Dhruva Gupta

2.4    Harder Evidence Builds That Viruses Play a Role in Alzheimer's
         by Melinda Wenner Moyer

Section 3: Frontiers of Research

3.1    Antisense Drugs Raise Hopes for Treating Neurological Disorders
         by Bret Stetka

3.2    Repurposed Drug Could Offer Hope after Many Alzheimer's Trial Failures
         by Simon Makin

3.3    Brain “Pacemaker” Could Help You Remember New Information
         by Dana G. Smith

3.4    Battling Alzheimer's through Better Access to the Brain
         by Ali Rezai

3.5    Infusions of Young Blood Tested in Patients with Dementia
         by Alison Abbott

Section 4: Changes within Your Control

4.1    A Rare Success Against Alzheimer’s
         by Miia Kivipelto & Krister Hakansson

4.2    In Search of the Optimal Brain Diet
         by Bret Stetka

4.3    Banking Against Alzheimer’s
         by David A. Bennett

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