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Make the Pain Go Away
by Ricki Rusting

Section 1: What Is Pain?

1.1   Painful Progress
        by Stephanie Pain

1.2   Neuropathy: A Name for Their Pain
        by Michael Eisenstein

Section 2: Why We Hurt

2.1   Pain That Won’t Quit
        by Stephani Sutherland

2.2   When Pain Lingers
        by Frank Porreca and Theodore Price

2.3   New Culprits in Chronic Pain
        by R. Douglas Fields

2.4   Genetics: An Incomplete Mosaic
        by Eryn Brown

Section 3: The Psychological Side of Pain

3.1   The Psychology of Pain
        by Howard L. Fields

3.2   I Do Not Feel Your Pain
        by Ingrid Wickelgren

3.3   No Brain, No Pain
        by Stephen L. Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde

3.4   Subliminal Messages Influence Pain
        by Simon Makin

Section 4: Migraines and Other Miseries

4.1   Can Anything Stop My Migraine?
        by R. Allan Purdy and David W. Dodick

4.2   Deciphering Cluster Headaches
        by Andrea Anderson

4.3   Agony in the Brain
        by Michele Solis

4.4   Hear the Violet, Taste the Velvet
        by Marta Zaraska

4.5  Phantom Limbs
        by Ronald Melzack

4.6   The Maddening Sensation of Itch
        by Stephani Sutherland

4.7   An Unnerving Enigma
        by Stephani Sutherland

Section 5: Help on the Horizon

5.1   Move Over, Morphine
        by James Mitchell Crow

5.2   Alternative Analgesics
        by Carrie Arnold

5.3   Fighting the Opioid Crisis with Vaccines and Better Chemistry
        by Dina Fine Maron

5.4   Taking the Sting Out of Pain
        by Mark Peplow

5.5   Shock Medicine
        by Kevin J. Tracey

Section 6: The Power of Mind Control

6.1   Rethinking Relief
        by Stephani Sutherland

6.2   A Transparent, Trainable Brain
        by Heather Chapin and Sean Mackey

6.3   Virtual-Reality Therapy
        by Hunter G. Hoffman

6.4   The Truth and Hype of Hypnosis
        by Michael R. Nash and Grant Benham

6.5   Mind of the Meditator
        by Matthieu Ricard, Antoine Lutz and Richard J. Davidson

6.6   Placebos: Honest Fakery
        by Jo Merchant

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