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The Work Is Just Beginning
by Lisa Pallatroni

Section 1: Addressing Harm

1.1   Reckoning with Our Mistakes
        by Jen Schwartz & Dan Schlenoff

1.2   Silence Is Never Neutral; Neither Is Science
        by 500 Women Scientists Leadership

Section 2: Origins of Prejudice

2.1   Buried Prejudice
        by Siri Carpenter

2.2   How to Think about Implicit Bias
        by Keith Payne, Laura Niemi & John M. Doris

2.3   The Flexibility of Racial Bias
        by Mina Cikara & Jay Van Bavel

Section 3: Health & Medical Outcomes

3.1   Inequality before Birth Contributes to Health Inequality in Adults
        by Janet Currie

3.2   How Doctors Can Confront Racial Bias in Medicine
        by Rachel Pearson

3.3   Medical Schools Need to Get Better at Addressing Structural Racism
        by Yoshiko Iwai

3.4   I Can’t Breathe: Asthma, Black Men and the Police
        by Obasi Okorie, Ekemini Hogan & Utibe Effiong

3.5   George Floyd’s Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America
        by Ann Crawford-Roberts, Sonya Shadravan, Jennifer Tsai, Nicolás E. Barceló, Allie Gips, Michael Mensah, Nichole Roxas, Alina Kung, Anna Darby, Naya Misa, Isabella Morton & Alice Shen

3.6   Why Racism, Not Race, Is a Risk Factor for Dying of COVID-19
        by Claudia Wallis & Camara Phyllis Jones

3.7   COVID-19’s Disparate Impacts Are Not a Story about Race
        by Jennifer Tsai

3.8   What the COVID-19 Pandemic Means for Black Americans
        by Uché Blackstock

3.9   The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity
        by Sabrina Strings & Lindo Bacon

3.10  Race Matters to the Health of African-American Men
         by Janice Phillips

Section 4: Environmental Justice

4.1   Minorities Breathe More Than Their Share of Polluted Air
        by Andrea Thompson

4.2   Flint’s Water and Environmental Justice
        by Robin Lloyd & Steve Mirsky

4.3   Solar Power’s Benefits Don’t Shine Equally on Everyone
        by Jeremy Hsu

Section 5: Education and Opportunity

5.1   The Brilliance Trap
        by Andrei Cimpian & Sarah-Jane Leslie

5.2   This Is What the Race Gap in Academia Looks Like
        by Amanda Montañez

5.3   Where Are the Black Women in STEM Leadership?
        by Erika Jefferson

5.4  The Shuri Effect: A Generation of Black Scientists?
        by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Section 6: Technology

6.1   Racial Bias Found in Major Health Care Risk Algorithm
        by Starre Vartan

6.2   How NIST Tested Facial Recognition Algorithms for Racial Bias
        by Sophie Bushwick & Craig Watson

6.3   The Racist Legacy of Computer-Generated Humans
        by Theodore Kim

6.4   Black Images Matter: How Cameras Helped, and Sometimes Harmed, Black People
        by Ainissa G. Ramirez

Section 7: Policing

7.1   Three Ways to Fix Toxic Policing
        by The Editors

7.2   A Civil Rights Expert Explains the Social Science of Police Racism
        by Lydia Denworth & Alexis J. Hoag

7.3   When Cops Lose Control
        by Rachel Nuwer

7.4   How to Reduce Police Violence
        by Dina Fine Maron & Jack Glaser

7.5   Police Violence Calls for Measures beyond De-escalation Training
        by Stacey McKenna

Section 8: Moving Forward

8.1   Inviting Everyone In
        by Victoria Plaut

8.2   How Diversity Works
        by Katherine W. Phillips

8.3   We’ll Never Fix Systemic Racism by Being Polite
        by Aldon Morris

8.4   For Scientific Institutions, Racial Reconciliation Requires Reparations
        by C. Brandon Ogbunu

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