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Section 1: Maintenance and Monitoring

1.1   The Seventh Sense
        by Jonathan Kipnis

1.2   Brain Drain
        by Maiken Nedergaard & Steven A. Goldman

1.3   Deep Sleep Gives Your Brain a Deep Clean
        by Simon Makin

1.4   Sleep Learning Gets Real
        by Ken Paller & Delphine Oudiette

1.5   Sleep Deprivation Halts Production of Brain Proteins
        by Emily Willingham

Section 2: Navigating Space and Time

2.1   Where Am I? Where Am I Going?
        by May-Britt Moser & Edvard I. Moser

2.2   Times of Our Lives
        by Karen Wright

2.3   The Tick Tock of the Biological Clock
        by Michael W. Young

Section 3: Intuition

3.1   Without a Thought
        by Christof Koch

3.2   The Powers and Perils of Intuition
        by David G. Myers

3.3   Can We Rely on Our Intuition?
        by Laura Kutsch

Section 4: Creating Reality

4.1   How Matter Becomes Mind
        by Max Bertolero & Danielle S. Bassett

4.2   Our Inner Universes
        by Anil K. Seth

4.3   Learning When No One Is Watching
        by R. Douglas Fields

Section 5: The Ultimate Question

5.1   Partly-Revived Pig Brains Raise Questions about When Life Ends
        by Simon Makin

5.2   Is Death Reversible?
        by Christoph Koch

5.3   How Can We Tell If a Comatose Patient Is Conscious?
        by Anouk Bercht & Steven Laureys

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