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Mind from Matter
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1: What Is Consciousness

1.1    How Matter Becomes Mind
         by Max Bertolero and Danielle S. Bassett

1.2    How to Make a Consciousness Meter
         by Christof Koch

1.3    Can Lab-Grown Brains Become Conscious?
         by Sara Reardon

1.4    The Brain Electric
         by Christof Koch

1.5    How Do I Know I’m Not the Only Conscious Being in the Universe?
         by John Horgan

Section 2: How We Perceive the World

2.1    Our Inner Universes
         by Anil K. Seth

2.2    Why We Have Free Will
         by Eddy Nahmias

2.3    The Brain Learns in Unexpected Ways
         by R. Douglas Fields

2.4    The Brain’s Social Road Maps
         by Matthew Schafer and Daniela Schiller

2.5    Face Values
         by Doris Y. Tsao

2.6    Radical Change
         by Michael A. Hogg

Section 3: Unconscious Mind

3.1    The Intention Machine
         by Richard A. Andersen

3.2    Infectious Dreams
         by Tore Nielsen

3.3    Sleep Learning Gets Real
         by Ken A. Paller and Delphine Oudiette

3.4    Answering Queries in Real Time while Dreaming
         by Diana Kwon

3.5    Can Science Illuminate Our Inner Dark Matter?
         by John Horgan

Section 4: Altered Reality  

4.1    A Disorder of Mind and Brain
         by Diana Kwon

4.2    The Undiscovered Illness
         by Simon Makin

4.3    Could COVID Delirium Bring on Dementia?
         by Carrie Arnold

4.4    A Psychedelic Renaissance
         by Danielle Schlosser and Thomas R. Insel

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