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Cloudy, with a Chance of Typhoon
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: Early Warning Signs

1.1   Core Questions
        by Marguerite Holloway

1.2   Global Warming Trends
        by Philip D. Jones and Tom M. L. Wigley

Section 2: Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

2.1   Diffusing the Global Warming Time Bomb
        by James Hansen

2.2   Beyond the Tipping Point
        by Michael D. Lemonick

2.3   Making Carbon Markets Work
        by David G. Victor and Danny Cullenward

Section 3: Glaciers

3.1   Greenland’s Glaciers Are Going, Going…
        by David Biello

3.2   Is Soot the Culprit Behind Melting Himalayan Glaciers?
        by Davide Castelvecchi

3.3   Witness to an Antarctic Meltdown
        by Douglas Fox

3.4   Deny This: Himalayan Glaciers Really Are Melting
        by David Biello

Section 4: Oceans

4.1   Threatening Ocean Life from the Inside Out
        by Marah J. Hardt and Carl Safina

4.2   Coral Reefs at Risk
        by John R. Platt

Section 5: Extreme Weather

5.1   Northern Hemisphere Could Be in for Extreme Winters
        by Mark Fischetti

5.2   Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change
        by John Carey

5.3   Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather
        by John Carey

5.4   Predicting and Coping with the Effects of Climate Change
        by John Carey

Section 6: Debate

6.1   Climate Heretic: Judith Curry Turns on her Colleagues
        by Michael D. Lemonick

6.2   Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense
        by John Rennie

Section 7: Climate Talks

7.1   Moving beyond Kyoto
        by Jeffrey D. Sachs

7.2   Climate Talks Consensus: Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
        by David Biello

Section 8: Solutions

8.1   10 Solutions for Climate Change
        by David Biello

8.2   Eric McAfee on Biofuels
        by the Editors

8.3   Can Captured Carbon Save Coal?
        by David Biello

8.4   The Low-Carbon Diet
        by Christine Soares

8.5   A Path to Sustainable Energy by 2030
        by Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi

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