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The Way of the Warrior
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: Death from the Sky: Drones

1.1   The Drone Wars
        by Larry Greenemeier

1.2   Threats to National Security
        by John Villasenor

1.3   Threats to Privacy
        by John Villasenor

Section 2: On the Battlefield

2.1   Terminate the Terminators
        by the Editors

2.2   War of the Machines
        by P.W. Singer

2.3   Are Military Bots the Best Way to Clear Improvised Explosive Devices?
        by Larry Greenemeier

2.4   Exoskeleton Defines a New Class of Warrior
        by Larry Greenemeier

2.5   Enhanced Armor
        by Steven Ashley

2.6   The Fog of War
        by Mark Alpert

Section 3: The Cyberwars

3.1   Digital Danger
        by Charles Q. Choi

3.2   Hacking the Lights Out
        by David M. Nicol

SECTION 4: Plague From Hell: Biological Weapons

4.1   Waiting to Explode
        by Fred Guterl

4.2   Fake Botox, Real Threat
        by Ken Coleman and Raymond A. Zilinskas

SECTION 5: Chemical Weapons

5.1   Seeing an Invisible Enemy
        by Larry Greenemeier

5.2   How Sarin Kills
        by Michael Allswede

SECTION 6: Nuclear Weapons

6.1   Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs
        by Michael Levi

6.2   A Need for New Warheads?
        by David Biello

6.3   Nuclear Explosions in Orbit
        by Daniel G. Dupont

SECTION 7: Star Wars: Attack from Orbit

7.1   Space Wars
        by Theresa Hitchens

7.2   Beam Weapons Get Real
        by Steven Ashley

SECTION 8: Terrorism

8.1   Thwarting Nuclear Terrorism
        by Alexander Glaser and Frank N. von Hippel

8.2   Detecting Nuclear Smuggling
        by Thomas B. Cochran and Matthew G. McKinzie

8.3   Predicting the Next Attack
        by David Biello

8.4   Technology Against Terror
        by Rocco Casagrande

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