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A Good Beginning
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: The Standard Model

1.1   Elementary Particles and Forces
        by Chris Quigg

1.2   Gauge Theories of the Forces between Elementary Particles
        by Gerard ‘t Hooft

1.3   The Number of Families of Matter
        by Gary Felman and Jack Steinberger

1.4   The Structure of Quarks and Leptons
        by Haim Harari

1.5   The Asymmetry between Matter and Antimatter
        by Helen R. Quinn and Michael S. Witherell

Section 2: We Know You’re in There

2.1   The Higgs Boson
        by Martinus J.G. Veltman

2.2   The Dawn of Physics beyond the Standard Model
        by Gordon Kane

2.3       The Mysteries of Mass
by Gordon Kane

2.4   Is Nature Supersymmetric?
        by Howard E. Haber and Gordon L. Kane

2.5   Low-Energy Ways to Observe High-Energy Phenomena
        by David B. Cline

Section 3: The Search Is On

3.1   Building the Next-Generation Collider
        by Barry Barish, Nicholas Walker and Hitoshi Yamamoto

3.2   Higgs Won’t Fly
        by Graham P. Collins

3.3   The Large Hadron Collider
        by Chris Llewellyn Smith

3.4   The Discovery Machine
        by Graham P. Collins

3.5   The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics
        by Chris Quigg

3.6   Fermilab Provides More Constraints on the Elusive Higgs Boson
        by John Matson

3.7   A Higgs Setback: Did Steven Hawking Just Win the Most Outrageous Bet in Physics History?
        by Amir Aczel

3.8   Waiting for the Higgs
        by Tim Folger

3.9   Waiting for the Higgs, With the Man Who Built the LHC
        by Davide Castelvecchi

3.10 Is Supersymmetry Dead?
        by Davide Castelvecchi

Section 4: The Game Is Afoot

4.1   New Particle Resembling Long-Sought Higgs Boson Uncovered at Large Hadron Collider
        by John Matson

4.2   Tantalizing Hints of Elusive Higgs Particle Announced
        by Davide Castelvecchi

4.3   Heather Gray: A Diary of the Higgs
        by Kelley Oakes

4.4   The Higgs at Last
        by Michael Riordan, Guido Tonelli and Sau Lan Wu

4.5   Higgs Boson Looks “Standard,” but Upgraded LHC May Tell a Different Tale
        by Clara Moskowitz

Section 5: Beyond the Higgs

5.1   Beyond Higgs: On Supersymmetry (or Lack Thereof)
        by Glenn Starkman

5.2   If You Want More Higgs Hype, Don’t Read This
        by John Horgan

5.3   Does the “Goddamn” Higgs Particle Portend the End of Physics?
        by John Horgan

5.4   Higgs Boson Could Explain Matter’s Dominance over Antimatter
        by Clara Moskowitz

5.5   The Collider That Could Save Physics
        by Howard Baer, Vernon D. Barger, Jenny List

5.6   How the Higgs Boson Might Spell Doom for the Universe
        by Saswato R. Das

5.7   Hope for a New Particle Fizzles at the LHC
        by Knvul Sheikh

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