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“Just” the Flu
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: Pandemics: Why We Should Be Worried

1.1   Capturing a Killer Flu Virus
        by Jeffery K. Taubenberger, Ann H. Reid, and Thomas G. Fanning

1.2   Preparing for a Pandemic
        by W. Wayt Gibbs and Christine Soares

Section 2: Sources and Transmission

2.1   Human Fascination with Birds Can Jeopardize our Health
        by Rachel Nuwer

2.2   No Human-to-Human Transmission for Bird Flu -- Yet
        by David Biello

2.3   Flu Factories
        by Helen Branswell

Section 3: Tracking and Surveillance

3.1   That Flu You Caught? It Came from East and Southeast Asia
        by Nikhil Swaminathan

3.2   Maps Point the Way to Fighting the Flu Virus
        by Larry Greenemeier

3.3   Satellites Used to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks
        by Katherine Harmon

3.4   Google Flu Trends Found to be Nearly on Par with CDC Surveillance Data            
        by Katie Moisse

Section 4: Drugs and Vaccines

4.1   Disarming Flu Viruses
        by W. Graeme Laver, Norbert Bischofberger, and Robert G. Webster

4.2   Searching for New Antiviral Drug Targets
        by Jessica Wapner

4.3   Building a Better Flu Vaccine—and Giving Chickens a Rest
        by Larry Greenemeier

4.4   Boosting Vaccine Power
        by Nathalie Garçon and Michel Goldman

4.5   DNA Drugs Come of Age
        by Matthew P. Morrow and David B. Weiner

Section 5: The Holy Grail: A Universal Vaccine

5.1   Can This Man Beat the Flu with a Single Universal Vaccine?
        by Alexander Hellemans

5.2   The Search for a Universal Flu Vaccine: A Q&A with Walter Fiers
        by Alexander Hellemans

5.3   How Close is a Universal Influenza Vaccine?            
        by Katherine Harmon

5.4   6 Common Misconceptions about the Flu—and Flu Shots            
        by Katherine Harmon  

Section 6: Recent Outbreaks and Future Contagions

6.1   Why Should We Worry about Swine Flu?            
        by Katherine Harmon

6.2   Could Animal Surveillance Have Seen Swine Flu Coming?            
        by Christine Soares

6.3   New Flu Strain Makes Health Experts Nervous            
        by Helen Branswell

6.4   What Will the Next Influenza Pandemic Look Like?            
        by Katherine Harmon  

Section 7: Research, Access, and Bioterrorism

7.1   Deadly Pandemic Bird Flu Details Finally are Made Public            
        by Katherine Harmon

7.2   Are Bird Flu Fears Overblown?            
        by Helen Branswell

7.3   Controversial Bird-Flu Research Published: How Worried Should We Be?            
        by Fred Guterl

7.4   Waiting to Explode            
        by Fred Guterl

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