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Live Long and Prosper
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Why We Age 

1.1   Still Evolving (After All These Years)
        by John Hawkes
1.2   Evolved to Exercise
        by Herman Pontzer
1.3   Long Live the Humans
        by Heather Pringle
1.4   Horizons in the Evolution of Aging
        by Thomas Flatt & Linda Partridge
1.5   The Health-Wealth Gap
        by Robert M. Sapolsky
1.6   Times of Our Lives
        by Karen Wright

Section 2: Preventing Age-Related Disease: Healthy Mind and Body

2.1   In Search of the Optimal Brain Diet
        by Bret Stetka
2.2   Banking Against Alzheimer’s
        by David A. Bennett
2.3   Why Exercise Works Magic
        by Shari S. Bassuk, Timothy S. Church & JoAnn E. Manson
2.4   Slowing Age-Based Memory Loss
        by Shelly Fan
2.5   The For-Real Science of Brain Training
        by Dan Hurley

Section 3: Longevity Studies: Forever Is a Mighty Long Time

3.1   Living to 120
        by Bill Gifford
3.2   The Human Age Limit Debate
        by Linda Geddes
3.3   No Limit to Longevity
        by Elie Dolgin
3.4   The Oldest Old
        by Thomas T. Perls

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