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Gender: From Binary to Mosaic
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Exploring Biological Sex

1.1    Beyond XX and XY
         by Amanda Montañez

1.2    Going Beyond X and Y
         by Sally Lehrman

1.3    The Spectrum of Sex Development
         by Sara Reardon

1.4    The Most Important Sexual Organ
         by Carina Dennis    

Section 2: Sex Differences in the Brain

2.1    Is There a “Female” Brain?
         by Lydia Denworth

2.2    The Truth about Boys & Girls
         by Lise Eliot

2.3    His Brain, Her Brain
         by Larry Cahill

Section 3: Sex Differences in Behavior

3.1    Promiscuous Men, Chaste Women and Other Gender Myths
         by Cordelia Fine and Mark A. Elgar

3.2    He Said, She Said
         by Deborah Tannen

3.3    Gendered Performance in Sport   
         by Ian Wellard
Section 4: Gender Expression & Identity

4.1    When Sex and Gender Collide
         by Kristina R. Olson

4.2    Transgender Kids
         by Francine Russo

4.3    Where Does Gender Live in the Brain?
         by Francine Russo

4.4    A History of Transgender Health Care
         by Farah Naz Khan

4.5    The Third Gender
         by Jesse Bering

Section 5: Gender Inequality & Evolving Behaviors

5.1    The Data Behind the Women’s Movement
         by Amanda Montañez

5.2    Where Are All the Female Geniuses?
         by Sandra Upson and Lauren F. Friedman

5.3    Women on the Verge
         by Laura Di Bella and Richard J. Crisp

5.4    Women’s Work
         by Ana L. Revenga & Ana Maria Munoz Boudet

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