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by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Zombie Fever

1.1   The American Fascination with Zombies
        by Krystal D’Costa

1.2   The Zombies in Our Midst
        by Melanie Tannebaum

1.3   Zombie Fever: A Mathematician Studies a Pop Culture Epidemic
        by Evelyn Lamb

1.4   Inside the Mind of the Undead
        by Gareth Cook

Section 2: Fighting ‘Real’ Zombies

2.1   Can You Escape Zombies If You Smell Like Death?
        by Josh Fischman

2.2   Avoiding Zombie Attacks with Social Psychology
        by Melanie Tannebaum

Section 3: Human Hosts: Hold on to Your Brains!

3.1   Bugs in the Brain
        by Robert Sapolsky

3.2   Protozoa Could Be Controlling Your Brain
        by Christof Koch

3.3   Played by a Parasite
        by Gustavo Arrizabalaga and Bill Sullivan

3.4   Microbes on Your Mind
        by Moheb Costandi

Section 4: The Real Zombies of the Insect World

4.1   Your Average, Everyday Zombie
        by Christie Wilcox

4.2   What Happens when Bugs Go Bad?
        by Katherine Harmon

4.3   Zombie Insects: A Q&A about a Sinister Virus
        by Anna Kuchment

4.4   Are Zombie Bees Infiltrating Your Neighborhood?
        by Katherine Harmon

4.5   Undead-End: Fungus That Controls Zombie-Ants Has Own Fungal Stalker
        by Katherine Harmon

4.6   Zombie Neuroscience
        by Christie Wilcox

4.7   The Parasitic Wasp’s Secret Weapon
        by Nancy E. Beckage

4.8   Parasites That Change the Behavior of Their Host
        by Janice Moore

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