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Our Planet, Our Choice
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1: A Changing Climate

1.1    Climate Change 101: Sorting Fact from Fiction
         by John Rennie

1.2    Meltdown
         by Jennifer A. Francis

1.3    How Hot, Exactly, Is It Going to Get?
         by Kate Marvel

1.4    The Permafrost Prediction
         by Ted Schuur

1.5    This Was the Decade We Knew We Were Right
         by Kate Marvel

Section 2: Impacts on Humanity

2.1    Rough Weather Ahead
         by Jennifer A. Francis

2.2    Underwater
         by Jen Schwartz

2.3    Fueling Australia’s Unprecedented Bushfires
         by Andrea Thompson

2.4    Catching Fever
         by Lois Parshley

2.5    Preventing Tomorrow’s Climate Wars
         by Andrew Holland

Section 3: Impacts on Plants and Animals

3.1     Lost at Sea
          by Danielle L. Dixson

3.2    A New Reality
         by Mark Fischetti and Katie Peek

3.3    Can We Save the Corals?
         by Rebecca Albright

3.4    Forests on the March
         by Hillary Rosner

Section 4: Solutions: Turning Down the Heat

4.1     How Cities Could Save Us
          by William McDonough

4.2    Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Must End
         by Geoffrey Supran, Peter Erickson, Doug Koplow, Michael Lazarus, Peter Newell, Naomi Oreskes & Harro van Asselt

4.3    The Last Resort
         by Richard Conniff

4.4    What Should Carbon Cost?
         by Gilbert E. Metcalf

4.5    How to Break the Climate Deadlock
         by Naomi Oreskes

4.6    The Price of Warming
         by Andrea Thompson

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