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Altered States: The Science of Consciousness
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: What Is Consciousness?

1.1   Decoding the Puzzle of Human Consciousness
        by Susan Blackmore
1.2   What Is Consciousness?
        by Christof Koch
1.3   There Is No Such Thing as Conscious Thought
        by Steve Ayan
1.4   The Brain’s Autopilot Mechanism Steers Consciousness
        by Steve Ayan
1.5   Unlocking the “Mystery” of Consciousness
        by Todd E. Feinberg & Jon Mallatt
1.6   Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think
        by Bernardo Kastrup

Section 2: Altered States

2.1   Answers While You Sleep
        by Deirdre Barrett
2.2   The Stuff of Dreams
        by Tanya Lewis
2.3   The Truth and Hype of Hypnosis
        by Michael R. Nash & Grant Benham
2.4   Altered States
        by Scott O. Lilienfeld & Hal Arkowitz
2.5   The Risk of Going Under
        by Andrea Anderson

Section 3: Measuring Consciousness

3.1   How to Make a Consciousness Meter
        by Christof Koch
3.2   Is Anybody in There?
        by Adrian M. Owen
3.3   Computers Determine States of Consciousness
        by Sam Rose
3.4   How Can We Tell If a Comatose Patient Is Conscious?
        by Anouk Bercht & Steven Laureys

Section 4: From Artificial Intelligence to Sentience

4.1   Artificial Imagination
        by George Musser
4.2   Self-Taught Robots
        by Diana Kwon
4.3   Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Keep Learning
        by Matthew Huston
4.4   Lessons for Artificial Intelligence from the Study of Natural Stupidity
        by Alexander S. Rich & Todd M. Gureckis


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