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Science + Education = Change
by Robert Keating

Section 1: The Lesson Plan

1.1   How to Build a Better Learner
        by Gary Stix

1.2   The Secret to Raising Smart Kids
        by Carol S. Dweck

1.3   The Education of Character
        by Ingrid Wickelgren

1.4   Primal Brain in the Modern Classroom
        by David C. Geary

1.5   The Pluses of Getting it Wrong
        by Henry L. Roediger III and Bridgid Finn

1.6   Treating a Toxin to Learning
        by Clancy Blair

Section 2: The Subjects: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

2.1   The Brain and the Written Word
        Interview by Gareth Cook

2.2   How Should Reading be Taught?
        by Keith Rayner, Barbara R. Foorman, Charles A. Perfetti, David Pesetsky and Mark S. Seidenberg

2.3   Can’t Read, Can’t Count       
        by Rodger Doyle

2.4   Sex, Math and Scientific Achievement          
        by Diane F. Halpern, Camilla P. Benbow, David C. Geary, Ruben C. Gur, Janet Shibley Hyde and Morton Ann Gernsbacher

2.5   For the Love of Math
        by John Mighton

2.6   The Science of Handwriting
        by Brandon Keim

Section 3: The Sharp Pencils

3.1   Uncommon Talents: Gifted Children, Prodigies and Savants
        by Ellen Winner

3.2   Coaching the Gifted Child
        by Christian Fischer

3.3   Smart Jocks
        by Steve Ayan

3.4   Watching Prodigies for the Dark Side
        by Marie-Noëlle Ganry-Tardy

Section 4: The Classroom

4.1   Does Class Size Matter?
        by Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Dominic J. Brewer, Adam Gamoran and J. Douglas Willms

4.2   The Death of Preschool
        by Paul Tullis

Section 5: The Teachers

5.1   Stand and Deliver
        by the Editors

5.2   Do Parents Matter?
        Interview by Jonah Lehrer

5.3   Building a Better Science Teacher
        by Pat Wingert

Section 6: The Science Imperative

6.1   Start Science Sooner
        by the Editors

6.2   Can the US Get an “A” in Science?
        by the Editors

6.3   A New Vision for Teaching Science
        by Randy McGinnis and Deborah Roberts-Harris

6.4   Speaking out on the “Quiet Crisis”
        Interview by Brendan Borrell

SECTION 7: Special Report: Learning in the Digital Age

7.1   Big Data Goes to School
        by the Editors

7.2   MOOCs: Hype and Hope
        by Jeffrey Bartholet

7.3   No More Lockstep Learning
        by Salman Khan

7.4   An Opportunity for India
        by Pawan Agarwal

7.5   Experimentation is Key
        by Robert A. Lue

7.6   Machine Learning
        by Seth Fletcher

7.7   Promise and Peril
        by Diane Ravitch

7.8   Why We Need High-Speed Schools
        by Arne Duncan

7.9   Student Poll: ‘I Was Pleasantly Surprised’
        by Jeffrey Bartholet

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