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Searching for the Secrets of Consciousness
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: The Nature of Consciousness

1.1   How Unconscious Mechanisms Affect Thought
        by Christof Koch

1.2   Exploring the “Mind” of Bees
        by Christof Koch

1.3   The Quest to Find Consciousness
        by Gerhard Roth

1.4   Me, Myself and I
        by Uwe Herwig

1.5   The Movie in Your Head
        by Christof Koch

Section 2: Theories: From Brain to “Mind”

2.1   How the Brain Creates the Mind
        by Antonio R. Damasio

2.2   Solving the “Hard Problem”
        by David J. Chalmers

2.3   Debate: How Does Consciousness Happen?
        by Christof Koch and Susan Greenfield

2.4   A “Complex” Theory
        by Christof Koch

Section 3: Measuring Consciousness

3.1   A Consciousness Meter
        by Christof Koch

3.2   Eyes Open, Brain Shut
        by Steven Laureys

3.3   The Mechanics of Mind Reading
        by Daniel Bor

SECTION 4: Altered States of Reality

4.1   What Doctors Don’t Understand About Anesthesia
        by Stephen Dougherty

4.2   Is Hypnosis a Distinct Form of Consciousness?
        by Scott O. Lilienfeld and Hal Arkowitz

4.3   Unlocking the Lucid Dream
        by Ursula Voss

4.4   Death by Sleepwalker
        by Francesca Siclari, Giulio Tononi, and Claudio Bassetti

4.5   The End
        by Jesse Bering

SECTION 5: Psychoactive Drugs and Healing

5.1   Psychedelic Chemist Explores Inner Space, One Drug at a Time
        by David Biello

5.2   This is Your Brain on Drugs
        by Christof Koch

5.3   LSD Returns—For Psychotherapeutics
        by Gary Stix

5.4   Hallucinogens as Medicine
        by Roland R. Griffiths and Charles S. Grob

SECTION 6: The Enigma of Spirituality

6.1   The Neurobiology of Bliss
        by Nadia Webb

6.2   Titanic and the Science of Near-Death Experiences
        by Jennifer Ouellette

6.3   Searching for God in the Brain
        by David Biello

6.4   Being in the Now
        by Amishi P. Jha

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