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Looking Back, Looking Forward
by Jesse Emspak

Section 1: We Can Rebuild You: Cybernetics

1.1   Bionic Connections
        by D. Kacy Cullen and Douglas H. Smith

1.2   Regaining Balance with Bionic Ears
        by Charles C. Della Santina

1.3   The Eye Has It
        by Ferris Jabr

1.4   Christof Koch
        by Cracking the Retinal Code

Section 2: We Can Regrow You: Regeneration

2.1   Growing Replacement Parts
        by Brie Finegold and Gary Stix

2.2   Grow Your Own Eye
        by Yoshiki Sasai

2.3   A Sweet Solution for Replacing Organs
        by Katherine Harmon

2.4   Mending the Spinal Cord
        by Ulrich Kraft

2.5   Test-Tube Teeth
        by Paul T. Sharpe and Conan S. Young

2.6   Printing Parts
        by Jesse Emspak

2.7   Spare Parts for Vital Organs
        by David Pescovitz

2.8   A Change of Heart
        by Ferris Jabr

Section 3: Fantastic Voyages: Nanomedecine

3.1   Less is More in Medicine
        by A. Paul Alivisatos

3.2   Robot Pills
        by Paolo Dario and Arianna Menciassi

3.3   Nanomedicine Targets Cancer
        by James R. Heath, Mark E. Davis and Leroy Hood

Section 4: The Doctor’s Assistants: Devices

4.1   The Forever Health Monitor
        by Elizabeth Svoboda

4.2   Photographic Memory
        by Gary Stix

4.3   Foam that Restores Breathing
        by Katherine Harmon

4.4   Cancer Testing? There’s an App for That
        by Melinda Wenner Moyer

4.5   Sugar-Powered Pacemakers
        by Marissa Fessenden

4.6   Big Lab on a Tiny Chip
        by Charles Q. Choi

Section 5: Tailored Treatment: Genes

5.1   Genome Sequencing for Fetuses
        by Daisy Yuhas

5.2   Personalized Medicine
        by Nancy Shute

5.3   Revolution Postponed
        by Stephen S. Hall

Section 6: Limits

6.1   Why Can’t We Live Forever?
        by Thomas Kirkwood

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