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21st-Century Gaslighting
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1 : Grappling With Reality

1.1    Our Inner Universes
         by Anil K. Seth

1.2     Why Good Thoughts Block Better Ones
          by Merim Bilalic´ and Peter McLeod

1.3     How to Think about “Implicit Bias”
          by Keith Payne, Laura Niemi, John M. Doris

1.4    Why We Trust Lies
          by Cailin O’Connor and James Owen Weatherall

Section 2: Decision-Making

2.1     Tough Calls
          by Baruch Fischhoff

2.2     Confronting Unknowns
          by Jessica Hullman

2.3     Which Experts Should You Listen to during the Pandemic?
          by Nathan Ballantyne and David Dunning

2.4     Big Data and Small Decisions
          by Zeynep Tufekci

Section 3: Technology’s Influence

3.1    When “Like” Is a Weapon
          by the Editors

3.2     A New World Disorder
          by Claire Wardle

3.3     Inside the Echo Chamber
          by Walter Quattrociocchi

3.4    The Shared Past That Wasn’t
          by Laura Spinney

3.5    Clicks, Lies and Videotape
         by Brooke Borel

3.6    How to Defraud Democracy
         by J. Alex Halderman as told to Jen Schwartz

Section 4: Politics

4.1     The Tribalism of Truth
          by Matthew Fisher, Joshua Knobe, Brent Strickland and Frank C. Keil

4.2    Post-Truth: A Guide for the Perplexed
         by Kathleen Higgins

4.3    Why People “Fly from Facts”
          by Troy Campbell and Justin Friesen

4.4    Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories
          by Melinda Wenner Moyer

4.5    Contagious Dishonesty
         by Dan Ariely and Ximena Garcia-Rada

Section 5: Foundations of Science
5.1     The Science of Antiscience and Thinking
          by Douglas T. Kenrick, Adam B.Cohen, Steven L. Neuberg and Robert B. Cialdini

5.2     How Professional Truth Seekers Search for Answers
          Interviews by Brooke Borel

5.3     The Truth about Scientific Models
          by Sabine Hossenfelder

5.4     A Significant Problem
          by Lydia Denworth

5.5    The Roots of Science Denial
         by Katharine Hayhoe as told to Jen Schwartz

5.6    Message Control
         by Brooke Borel

5.7    How Much Can We Know?
          by Marcelo Gleiser

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