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The Road to Adulthood
by Jeanene Swanson

Section 1: Cognitive Gains in Infants and Early Childhood

1.1   Big Answers from Little People
        by David Dobbs

1.2   The “Visual Cliff”
        by Eleanor J. Gibson and Richard D. Walk

1.3   The Origin of Form Perception
        by Robert L. Fantz

1.4   Do Infants Think?
        by Jerome Kagan

1.5   The Effects of Malnutrition on Cognitive Development
        by J. Larry Brown and Ernesto Pollitt

Section 2: Learning to Communicate: Language and Symbols

2.1   The Advantages of Being Helpless
        by Melody Dye

2.2   Why Don’t Babies Talk Like Adults?
        by Joshua Hartshorne

2.3   Mindful of Symbols
        by Judy S. DeLoache

2.4   The Bilingual Advantage
        by Erica Westly

Section 3: Becoming Social Children

3.1   Tempering Tantrums
        by Stefanie Reinberger

3.2   The Serious Need for Play
        by Melinda Wenner

3.3   The Truth about Boys and Girls
        by Lisa Eliot

3.4   Is Divorce Bad for Children?
        by Hal Arkowitz and Scott O. Lilienfeld

Section 4: Developmental Disorders

4.1   Are Doctors Diagnosing Too Many Kids with ADHD?
        by Hal Arkowitz and Scott O. Lilienfeld

4.2   Informing the ADHD Debate
        by Aribert Rothenberger and Tobias Banaschewski

4.3   Just a Bit Different
        by Ingelore Moeller

4.4   Detecting Autism Early
        by Ulrich Kraft

4.5   A Patchwork Mind
        by Melinda Wenner

Section 5: Parenting

5.1   What Makes a Good Parent?
        by Robert Epstein

5.2   Family Guy
        by Emily Anthes

5.3   Evolutionary Lessons of Motherhood
        by Eric Michael Johnson

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