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Policing Seafood with DNA

A federal task force should look seriously at investing in genomic methods that allow the simultaneous study of multiple genes

August 19, 2015 — Ben Shouse and Scott Baker

Michigan Herp Atlas

Help the state’s Department of Natural Resources create a statewide survey and complete history of its amphibians and reptiles

August 4, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier
Your Thermostat May Be Sexist

Your Thermostat May Be Sexist

A new study finds that temperature settings in many buildings favor middle-aged, skinny men

August 4, 2015 — Umair Irfan and ClimateWire
Zooniverse: Season Spotter

Zooniverse: Season Spotter

By identifying images with changing leaves, blooming flowers, and other easy-to-recognize features, citizen scientists can contribute to a better understanding of how plants are responding to climate change...

July 28, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier
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