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These Ants Jump with Their Jaws

Sometimes the best solution to a sticky situation is a quick escape, and few escapes are faster than a trap-jaw ant’s.

December 11, 2019 — bioGraphic

Invasion Of The Tomato Leaf-Miner

Editor’s Note: Kelly Izlar is a Guest Contributor to Food Matters Darth Vader. Lex Luther. Tuta Absoluta. Megatronus Prime. Which of these is not like the other?

February 4, 2015 — Kelly Izlar

A Recipe for Photographing Angry Fire Ants

This 2007 photograph of a fire ant brandishing her stinger is among the most heavily circulated images from my collection. Since several people have asked how I managed to coax the animal into such a dramatic pose, I bring you the following recipe...

January 30, 2015 — Alex Wild

Mosquitoes Have Flying, Blood-Sucking Parasites of Their Own

The biting midge Culicoides (Trithecoides) anophelis Edwards is a predator of engorged mosquitoes, which was first described by Edwards in 1922 [1].At least 19 mosquito species in the genera Anopheles, Culex, Aedes and Armigeres have been documented as hosts of C...

October 6, 2014 — Jennifer Frazer

A Delicate Army of Franken-Fairies

When tallying up a list of materials to use in assembling delicate fairy sculptures, bug parts might not be first on your average list. But for sculptor Cedric Laquieze, who is fascinated with organic materials and a natural aesthetic, they are the perfect choice...

September 16, 2014 — Kalliopi Monoyios

How Book Scorpions Tend to Your Dusty Tomes

Book scorpions are the best/worst thing to happen to books, because book scorpions! But also book scorpions... Properly known as pseudoscorpions, these tiny, tiny creatures have a fondness for old books, because old books also happen to contain delicious booklice and dust mites...

August 25, 2014 — Bec Crew

Wasps Are Our Friends: Part IV

When most people think of wasps, they imagine a stereotypically striped stinging insect. Such wasps are part of the family Vespidae, but they are, in fact, a minority of species and unrepresentative of their order...

July 2, 2014 — Alex Wild

How To Pick A Photoshopped Firefly

Now that firefly season is sparking up our eastern and midwestern summer evenings, I am starting to see not just the insects themselves but the attendant media buzz.

June 28, 2014 — Alex Wild

Wasps Are Our Friends: Part III

You might think an insect with an extra pointy derriere would pack a fearsome sting, but you’d be wrong. The extended rear appendage of the crown-of-thorns wasp is not a stinger but an egg-laying organ, the ovipositor, used to reach beetle grubs chewing through the wood below...

June 23, 2014 — Alex Wild
Wasps Are Our Friends: Part II

Wasps Are Our Friends: Part II

The second in our series promoting the breadth and value of wasps features the gorgeous Orasema, a tiny metallic wasp that lives in ant nests.

June 13, 2014 — Alex Wild
Wasps Are Our Friends: Part I

Wasps Are Our Friends: Part I

I’ve had about enough of people unfairly picking on wasps, so I’m fighting back with a series of photographs showing the bright side of these fascinating insects.

June 8, 2014 — Alex Wild

A Short Safari In A Small Oak Tree

Imagine a safari in your neighborhood. Instead of a few days hauling luggage through international airports, though, picture a leisurely five minute stroll from the front door.

June 3, 2014 — Alex Wild

How to Photograph an Emerging Mosquito

Here is a powerful method to photograph the world’s most dangerous animal in an unusual moment of vulnerability. But first, a digression into mosquito biology.

May 19, 2014 — Alex Wild
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