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Map Monday: Economic Importance of Transport

Map Monday: Economic Importance of Transport

Like most people, I am a sucker for a good map. To indulge in this nerdity, I am launching an occasional Map Monday series, beginning with one by Simran Khosla of GlobalPost who used the CIA Factbook to put together an excellent map detailing every country's highest-valued export...

June 9, 2014 — Tali Trigg
So Far, Big Data Is Small Potatoes

So Far, Big Data Is Small Potatoes

Is Big Data going to revolutionize science and help us make a better world? Not based on what it’s done so far. Let me back up a moment.

June 9, 2014 — John Horgan

Energy: Where does it come from? Where does it go? [Graphic]

Each year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory publishes a powerful graphic of U.S. energy use. In the most recent version, one can see how the ~97 quadrillion british-thermal units (quads) of energy used in the United States can be broken down by uses and sectors...

June 6, 2014 — Melissa C. Lott

Space: A New Hope or an Old Dream?

The release of a long-awaited National Academy of Sciences report on the state and future of the US space program has triggered wide-reaching commentary on what it means to be space-faring...

June 5, 2014 — Caleb A. Scharf

Talking Death with the Late Psychedelic Chemist Sasha Shulgin

Alexander Shulgin, the most prolific psychedelic chemist in history, has died at the age of 88. I interviewed Shulgin and his wife and co-researcher Ann at their home in California in 1999, when I was researching my 2003 book Rational Mysticism...

June 4, 2014 — John Horgan

Google Gives the Internet Amnesia in Europe

One of the Internet's greatest assets is also perhaps its biggest curse—it never forgets. Except in the European Union, where a court last month ruled that people have the right to have certain sensitive information about themselves deleted from Google search results...

June 4, 2014 — Larry Greenemeier

Exoplanet Size: It’s Elementary

Since quite early in the history of the discovery of planets around other stars it’s been apparent that the likelihood of certain types of planets around a star is related to the abundance of heavy elements in that system...

June 3, 2014 — Caleb A. Scharf

Philosophical Neural Engineering

Researchers at the University of Washington have released an excellent video that nicely summarizes some of the ethical issues surrounding the development of neuroprosthetics and neuroengineering...

May 30, 2014 — Princess Ojiaku
Hyperlapse Know How

Hyperlapse Know How

I ran across this hyperlapse video of Singapore the other day: It got me thinking of a few other cities given the hyperlapse treatment, like Dubai: So I wondered, “What exactly is hyperlapse and how is it done?” I found a brief description at Know Your Meme website: “Hyperlapse Photography is a filmmaking technique that [...]..

May 29, 2014 — Joanne Manaster
The Last Man on the Moon

The Last Man on the Moon

This week’s video comes from a post by Joanne Manaster on PsiVid: “It's no secret, I'm a space geek. And the other non-secret is I love when a good space travel book is turned into a movie...

May 26, 2014 — Carin Bondar
Cool Sh*t I’ve Read—and Seen—Lately

Cool Sh*t I’ve Read—and Seen–Lately

This is the third installment in my monthly feature “Cool Sh*t I’ve Read Lately.” (Here are number one and number two.) This month I’m calling it “Cool Sh*t I’ve Read–and Seen—Lately” so I can add a movie and art exhibit...

May 26, 2014 — John Horgan
Photo Friday: Beer for Biofuels

Photo Friday: Beer for Biofuels

Algae-based biofuels offer a potential solution to many of the concerns related to corn-based biofuels in the United States, including the food-versus-fuel debate.

May 23, 2014 — Melissa C. Lott

Remembering A Great Science Educator

Seventeen years ago, Phil Yam, then news editor (now managing editor, online), was looking for a rent-a-kid to test out the newly opening physics playground at the New York Hall of Science...

May 21, 2014 — Gary Stix
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