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How Nature Helps Body and Soul

Journalist and author Florence Williams talks about her book The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative.

June 27, 2020 — Steve Mirsky

Skinny Genes Tell Fat to Burn

A gene whose mutated form is associated with cancer in humans turns out to have a role in burning calories over a long evolutionary history.

May 22, 2020 — Karen Hopkin

What’s the Science Behind Why We Hiccup?

Lots of things seem to trigger the involuntary reflex known as the hiccups, but does science understand why that reflex happens in the first place?

April 30, 2020 — Everyday Einstein Sabrina Stierwalt

Why Exercise Is So Good For You

Health journalist Judy Foreman talks about her new book Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging.

April 24, 2020 — Steve Mirsky

COVID-19: What the Autopsies Reveal

Pathologists are starting to get a closer look at the damage that COVID-19 does to the body by carefully examining the internal organs of people who have died from the novel coronavirus...

April 23, 2020 — W. Wayt Gibbs and Steve Mirsky

Kirk, Spock and Darwin

Duke University evolutionary biologist Mohamed A. F. Noor talks about his book Live Long and Evolve: What Star Trek Can Teach Us about Evolution, Genetics, and Life on Other Worlds ...

February 12, 2020 — Steve Mirsky

What to Eat to Prevent Kidney Stones

Passing a kidney stone is excruciating! Here are some tips to reduce the chances that you’ll ever have to endure that pain or relive past misery

February 7, 2020 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel
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