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Are Omega-3 Eggs as Good as Eating Fish?

Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids. But what if you can't eat seafood? Can omega-3 enriched eggs or peanut butter provide the same health benefits?

June 20, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

Aflatoxins in Nuts: Danger or Hype?

Some of the scary things you may have heard about nuts and aflatoxins are probably exaggerated. Nonetheless, these are not imaginary concerns

June 6, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

Can Fiber Cancel Out Calories?

Nutrition Diva explains how eating more fiber can (and can’t) help you manage your weight and which foods to choose

May 9, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

Why Do My Knees Creak?

If your knees grind, creak, crack or crunch when you move through a particular range of motion, you have crepitus. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds

April 27, 2019 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

This Is Your Brain on Cholesterol

Too much cholesterol can be bad for your heart. But could it be good for your brain? Nutrition Diva dives into the new research on the potential benefits of cholesterol

April 24, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

What Chickens Can Teach Hearing Researchers

At an April 9th event sponsored by the Kavli Foundation and produced by Scientific American that honored Nobel and Kavli Prize winners, neuroscientists James Hudspeth and Robert Fettiplace talked about the physiology of hearing and the possibility of restoring hearing loss...

April 17, 2019 — Steve Mirsky

Don’t Ignore Your Core

Get-Fit Guy explains why core strength is crucial and provides a core workout that will keep you fit, healthy and mobile

April 16, 2019 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

The Secrets of an Aging Athlete

Bestselling author and fitness guru Brad Kearns joins Get-Fit Guy, Brock Armstrong, to explain how we can stay fit now, and well into the future

March 30, 2019 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

3 Myths (and 1 Truth) about Grain-Fed Beef

There’s a lot to consider when deciding what kind of meat to buy—or even whether to eat meat at all. The least we can do is start with accurate information

March 27, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel
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