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What to Eat to Prevent Kidney Stones

Passing a kidney stone is excruciating! Here are some tips to reduce the chances that you’ll ever have to endure that pain or relive past misery

February 7, 2020 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Do you really need eight hours of sleep each night to thrive? Savvy Psychologist Dr. Jade Wu breaks down the eight-hour sleep myth and offers three ways to find the best sleep for you

January 20, 2020 — Jade Wu Savvy Psychologist

Is Eating Late Bad for Your Heart?

The American Heart Association suggests that late-night eating might increase your risk of heart disease. But how solid is the evidence?

January 17, 2020 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

Top 5 Nutrients for Postpartum Recovery

Registered Dietitian Melissa Mitri discusses the importance of good nutrition after giving birth and the five most important nutrients for a new mom and her baby

December 5, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel

Aversion to Broccoli May Have Genetic Roots

Study subjects with a gene variant that heightened their sensitivity to bitterness tended to eat fewer vegetables than people who didn’t mind bitter flavors. Christopher Intagliata reports...

November 12, 2019 — Christopher Intagliata
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